As you read this, I will have reached the end of the first leg of my sabbatical in Britishland, and I’ll be boarding the craft which will wing me back over The Pond to Texas:

…although, to accommodate my somewhat errr enhanced bulk (thank you, Wadworth 6X, steak pies, fish & chips and Full English Breakfasts), the airline should really be using one of these:

Regular blogging (whatever that is) should resume tomorrow.

And lastly: a huge, enormous thank-you is due to Mr. and Mrs. Free Market for their unbelievable hospitality given me during my stay Over Here. When I come back in late October, I’ll be staying elsewhere — details to follow — but, as they say, words cannot express my gratitude to these wonderful people because, quite graciously and with absolutely no fuss, they saved my life. I am not worthy.


  1. I’m glad you had a great time. I hope your return to blogging encourages Mr Free Market and The Englishman to also return.

    Haste ye back.

  2. Reading of your travels Over There has been a treat. Hope your travels back to the land of the brave were uneventful!

  3. Apart from the envy factor, I believe the readers of KdT owe a large debt of gratitude to Mr and Mrs FMT.
    If they have restored KdT, then bravo and thank you. ( Mrs FMT must have the patience of a saint to put up with whisky, Wadsworth, and Webleys all day and night ).
    Back to the salt mines KdT. Maintain a network of sanity in this circus.
    And I enjoyed your travelogue – may there always be an England (Britishland )

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