So What’s New?

According to the New York Post (always a bastion of careful reasoning and journalistic moderation):

Hackers could program sex robots to kill

In other words, it could be almost as dangerous as having sex with a couple of my ex-girlfriends. A couple of points need to be made at this juncture:

  1. For some men, this could be a turn-on rather than a cautionary tale
  2. Note the proliferation of “could”, “might”, “may” and all the other weasel words in this article — in other words, it’s total crap
  3. No doubt the “hackers” who actually  perpetrate this wickedness will be Russians, Ukranians, Central Europeans as opposed to, oh I don’t know, retarded British hackers
  4. I would imagine that for owners of said stuff, privacy would be paramount. So anyone who hooks his sex toy up [sic] to the “Internet of things” deserves everything he gets.

For the record, I don’t believe a single word of this bullshit. It’s probably a story dreamed up by militant feminists or (more likely) RealDoll‘s competitors.

Come on, Cherry 2000…


  1. I read the story full of conditional words and now I know for sure that if a person has one of theses maximum, creepy sex robots they need to be careful and not allow it to have knives or do any welding because those things could hurt one’s dangling participles during certain times of interpersonal engagement. In other words, don’t let your sex bot go online while poking its orifices with your weiner.

  2. I thought the problem with the Cherry 2000 was that it was not waterproof. Although I am sure there must be an upgrade available to solve that, if not from the manufacturer then a third party gynoid provider.

  3. Yep. I’ve dated a few of those. Women, that is. I can’t afford the sexbot, although upon consideration, they’d probably be cheaper in the long run.

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