Sinking Ship, Fleeing Of

I note that conservative activists are leaving California in ever-greater numbers, and while I understand the impulse that makes people want to stay and fight, I sympathize more with those who have given up California as a lost cause and just want to get back to living in freedom.

I left Chicago for precisely those reasons.

I note that one of the conservative folks in the article landed up in McKinney, which is just a town or so over from my adopted home of Plano, TX. This is a good thing. As more and more people are discovering the joys of living in a conservative, well-planned and -managed area, it’s inevitable that the creeping cancer of liberal asswipes are also going to infiltrate the place; so it’s good to get a few firebrand gun-lovers (like, errr, myself) moving in to maintain the conservative imbalance, as it were.

I note with some alarm that Hillary Bitch Clinton got more than a few votes in our voting district, which meant that the outstanding Rep. Sam Johnson (PBUH) only squeaked in with 62% of the vote — his lowest margin ever, as I recall. (To put this in perspective, the next district north of us went 78% for Trump.)

So to all conservative Californians of that ilk — please come on over: Plano, McKinney and Allen will welcome you with open arms. And I bet you’ll just love the indoor range in Frisco (not the cesspit y’all know in the north of CA, but a good conservative town). This invitation is especially aimed at those Loyal Readers who are marooned in a rising tide of Blue liberalism — you know who you are.

Screw California. Let the place circle the bowl and sink without a trace. And if, in terms of the heading of this post you’re called “rats”, let me remind you that it’s the rats who first leave a sinking ship. You’ve done your bit as much as you could; now come and relax in freedom’s welcoming arms. Oh, and speaking of arms: you can ditch those stupid California-compliant semi-automatic rifles; we prefer the real thing here.


  1. You got my vote. Wife and I pitched our tent in the DFW area in November of 2015. Came here because two of our kids had established careers here. I was a sole proprietor FFL in northern Kalifornia for almost 20 years. My specialty was building AR platforms. I’m still a bit twitchy, but recovering. Got the itch recently to build another one, so headed up to Webyshops where they had Aero Precision stuff on sale. Got a stripped lower and complete flat-top upper for Just over a C-note. Also got 5% veterans discount (good luck with that in Kalifornia). When you get back, we should sit down over a beer (or two).

  2. My brother, California Dave, lives in Culver City. He’s retiring, selling his real estate, and moving out. I’m probably going to take a trip out there and drive back, hauling a portion of Dave’s gun collection.

    Mexico wants California. Give the sane people another year or so to move out, then let Mexico have it.

  3. My nightmare scenario is that due to self inflicted ecomentalist idiocy, California makes themselves literally unlivable. At which point the population escapes into the body politic of the US as a whole, in the same way feces from a ruptured intestine does.

    And since rabid leftist are incapable of learning anything, they go on to ruin the rest of the USA. Californication on a grand instead of gradual scale.

  4. I suspect that many of those votes for Felonia von Pantsuit came via the relocation of Toyota from SoCal to Plano.
    Their neighbors need to ‘splain things to them.

  5. We ratted out of California about 4 years ago; leaving the state of our births — following the state of Reagan that actually departed decades before. After years of fighting the legislature as part of the NRA Membership Council, we followed opportunities and freedom to Missouri, then finally to Florida. The sale of our shack in the LA ‘hood bought a beautiful house on two acres of land in an planned equestrian community.

    Cali is circling so many economic, demographic, societal, legal, environmental, educational, statist, criminal, infrastructure, etc., etc., etc., drains, after decades of hard-Left single-party rule, that there can be no thought of saving anything. The collapse is in sight, if not there already. And the Progs in Sacramento seem obsessively focused on accelerating the decline.

    “Breathing Free Air” on the far side of the Tofu Curtain is an actual, physical thing. Florida isn’t perfect, but it’s orders of magnitude better and freer than the heavily tarnished once Golden State.

    And yes, my ARs are freer, too. They’ve thrown off the shackles of their bullet buttons!

  6. PLEASE DO NOT (<>) come to Texas! You should go to Oklahoma, or Arkansas, or the Old South states, but NOT Texas.

    First, all conservatives are not created equal and as a Texan who had to live in Cali a couple of times, that became crystal clear.

    Californians are like locusts; they come in, take/take/take, force change that is incompatible with the locla society, get pissed when it doesn’t go their way, force change, and then leave for the next “hot area”.

    They bring in the proceeds from their over-priced Cali house, inflate OUR housing costs, buy up ranch land for a FAKE 80-acre ranch that, at most, has 2 goats and a chicken coop, and prohibit anyone from even crossing it (where we hunted and crossed for a couple of generations), then they complain about how real ranchers use their own land and even allow people to hunt on it, etc.

    Calis also expect all the crap they had in over-priced, over-taxed California; you want the running trails, the bike paths and lanes, etc., and then, once you get them, you’ll start bitching about paying too much in taxes and then you’ll look for another place to go ruin.


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