…last night, before heading off for yet another piece of Friday Night Unpleasantness at the King’s Arms with The Englishman:

When I say I’m a “meat-and-potatoes” man, this is what I mean. A decent filet spiced with Salt Lick Rub (imported from the great state of Texas), and potatoes roasted in goose fat. It took 35 minutes in the Aga to create it.

In case you’re wondering, I had Free Market Towers to myself last night; Mrs. FM was off sailing, Mr. FM was doing Capitalist Things in (I think) the Far East somewhere, and the staff had the night off to recover from the Friday Floggings.

Food was courtesy of Waitrose. If I had one of these emporia near my house, I’d weigh 500lbs in a month.


  1. I’ve used an Aga before, on Block Island. A fantastic asset for someone who loves to cook, and has plenty of eager tasters.

  2. What? No mushrooms? No Bearnaise sauce? No Diane sauce?

    I shared a Chateaubriand the other night with chips and Bearnaise sauce and it was gorgeous.

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