Breaking Promises

Okay, it seems like the Left is trying to push the meme that President Trump is a failure because he didn’t do much in his first (artificial deadline of) 100 days in office.

I agree. In fact, I’m holding Trump accountable for breaking some of his electoral promises, to whit:

  1. There have been no mass roundups of homosexuals and shuttling them off to concentration camps in cattle cars.
  2. There have been no reports of mass roundups of illegal Central- and South American aliens, and shuttling them off to Babi Yar-style killing pits for summary execution.
  3. Ditto university professors and -administrators.
  4. Not one woman’s uterus has burst explosively because she was denied a pregnancy termination under the new Trump anti-abortion laws.
  5. You still can’t buy a full-auto assault rifle in Aisle 17 at Wal-Mart without a background check.
  6. It’s still illegal to shoot transsexuals in the street on sight. (Bruce or Shirley Jenner — or whatever xie calls xumself these days — can breathe a sigh of relief.)
  7. Madonna is still at large, unmolested by the newly-created Trump Secret Police force. Ditto Whoopi Goldberg and [300,000-strong list omitted].
  8. Journalists have still not been flogged in the public square according to Trump’s new laws, either.

Now the cynics among my Readers — and there are one or two — may point out that as attractive as some of the above situations might seem to us Deplorables, Trump never promised any of them in his campaign speeches.

All I can say is that during the 2016 presidential campaign, you obviously didn’t read the New York Times or watch MSNBC, then, because they assured us that he did.


  1. The Nitwit Left seems to be doing everything in their power to ensure that Trump gets a landslide reelection in 2020, on the wide held belief that ‘anyone these morons hate can’t be all bad’.

    Sweet Mother Mary in a flaming Lamborghini, I know it’s early days yet, but if the mental midgets of the Hobby Protest movement and the raving idjits of the chattering classes don’t start criticizing Trump on the basis of things he has actually done, he might just get elected Leader For Life.

    1. …and that would really frost Obama’s balls (well, Michelle’s actually).

  2. It is getting positively idiotic out there.

    You do wonder what the media saw that made them hallucinate all the things they did.

    1. Add #3 and we could retire ALL of it.

      Especially if we combined PPV with a lottery for volunteers for the job.

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