Lovely To See You Again, My Friend

Yeah, I know: it’s the title of an old Moody Blues song (and one with which they usually open their live shows). But in my case, it resonates with me, and not only because I’ve always loved the Moodies.

I have been astonished at how many of my former Readers — that is to say, Readers from my previous website offerings — have come back to see this latest version of my back porch. More than that, however, is the pleasure I feel at making their acquaintance, again. I recognize the online nicknames, remember the stuff they like to read about, and hell, even their writing styles are familiar to me, some as much as my own.

I’m not a man who requires much validation — as all know, my attitude is “Like me, and stay; dislike me, and feel free to go somewhere else” — so to have all you guys and ladies reappear out of the mists of time gives me not a feeling of validation, but of pleasure, just as one would greet an old school friend.

And yes, while the circumstances of my back porch’s reappearance are lousy, it helps a great deal that so many of you have said, in essence, “We’re truly sorry about the circumstances, but damn, it’s good to have you back.”


When I relaunched my blog, I spoke about needing a reason to live (and I promise, this will likely be the last time I mention this), and I believed that writing was okay, but not a complete reason to do so.

Actually, it is. I wake up each day not with a thought of “What the hell am I going to write about today?” but rather, “What do I feel like writing about today?” The difference between the two questions is profound, and I have to tell you all, the fact that there’s an audience of old friends willing to indulge me in my rants, raves and quasi-intellectual scribblings one more time makes the whole thing easy.

You see, I don’t choose to write; I have to write, have to communicate, and make known all the stuff which pleases me, enrages me and strikes me dumb with its beauty. And of course, there’s the godless Democrats to consider… and in a later post, I will explain the concept behind The Glorious Day.

In the meantime, please let me offer my deepest gratitude to all my Returning Readers for having faith in me after so long an absence, and to the New Readers, with whom I’ll no doubt become as familiar as with the older group, a.k.a the Beer ‘N Treason Set (thank you, Longtime Friend and Reader Jim D, for the name).

It’s good to be alive and writing again. And it is lovely to see you again, my friends.


    1. Why, Felix… I had no idea you were gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.


      It’s one of my favorite songs. right next to his “Baker Street”.

      1. there’s something “dreamy” about “Baker Street” that i just like to listen to.

  1. Yes, Sir. It is lovely to see you again.
    I love the Moody Blues, too [back then (just after the dinosaurs turned into petroleum) I had ‘Days of Future Past’ to ‘Seventh Sojourn’ on an auto-reversing reel to reel tape machine and headphones on a 50foot cord, and had them playing all the time].

    I found out about you from various bloggers who missed you and were quite bummed when you left and especially “The Smallest Minority” where he quotes you as part of his header. Every time your name came up there were positive things attached (I guess I don’t read blogs of your not-friends).
    Visiting your present Blog-site, I realize why they were bummed. I see that you MUST write (not wanna but hafta) by the amount of ‘you’ you put into a post (like some of Brigid’s posts over at Home On The Range for example). I’m glad you write for us out here in Blog reading land.
    I’ll be glad to walk along with you the next bend.
    Rich in NC

    1. Brigid? Sorry to take your space for a moment, Kim, but I MISS BRIGID!!! One day she was there, next day it was “you need to be INVITED to read this blog,” Does anyone know if she has gone elsewhere from “Home on the Range?” Or who I can beg to become one of the Invited?
      Kim, thanks for the space. I read you in the long-ago and now read your offerings every day since your return. The days will brighten, the hurt might ease, but the memories will remain forever. Welcome back!

      1. She’s guest blogging over at Borepatches’ place, usually once or twice a week.

  2. As I said in the other thread (Clouds Lifting) it’s great to see you back although I can’t help but wish it had been under brighter circumstances. Nevertheless it’s nice to see you back to blogging. To be honest, after you shut down your blog in 2008 I was never able to find anything that quite could replace it.

    Let’s drink a toast to great memories and hope for better days ahead!

    Staff Martin

  3. It’s a pleasure to read your ramblings again. It’s been too long since NoR.
    And thank you for reprinting “The Pussification…” piece. It really needs to go viral (with attribution, of course)

  4. I just want to say it is good to hear that you are back to writing. Just abhor the circumstances that surround your return. I bought one of your shotguns when you had to part with them, but, unfortunately I fell into the same circumstance and had to part with it.

  5. Hello from another lurker from the old days who is glad to see you writing again.

  6. I’ll add my voice to the chorus: It’s great to have you back! I always found yours and Connie’s writings to be “content-rich” – enjoyed and savored like a gourmet dessert or a fine beverage.

  7. Please accept my deepest sympathies on the loss of your wife, Kim. It is, nevertheless, lovely to have you back. I hope to be able to stand you for a drink sometime and I wish I were — financially — in a position to help you out a bit. Your voice was, in all events, sorely missed.

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