Tar & Feathers

…which is the treatment that should be applied to this little prick:

So why am I all for chastising the constabulary?  This is why:

Grandmother is handed £150 fine for littering after feeding a piece of her sausage roll to a PIGEON

Go ahead;  read the article and tell me I’m wrong, I dare you.

Getting Attacked

I see this:

A man suffering from acute Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) went on an anti-Trump rampage at the sight of Trump supporters at a rally in Los Angeles on Sunday. The unidentified man, who was later arrested, was so enraged at the sight of the MAGA hat-clad rallygoers that he parked his car in the middle of the street and charged them. The man’s shocked family watched from the car as he assaulted and spat on the Trump supporters.

…and I can’t help but think that if anyone spat in my face in the street, his next spit would contain a lot  of blood.

And yes, that also applies to this action:

Trump supporter is viciously attacked and doused in milkshake by America-hating activists yelling ‘Nazi scum’ outside Parliament minutes after Corbyn’s speech.

I note that in the above incident, the police just stood and watched.  I bet that if I’d floored a couple of those milkshake tossers [sic], the fuzz would be there like a flash to arrest me, however.

I don’t care.  It’s time we put an end to this shit.  The Left is always preaching violence, and some day soon they’re going to find out exactly  what it’s like.

Scum On The Left

From Patricia McCarthy:

Our left has done such terrible damage over the years.  They have destroyed academia, especially our once great universities.  Few of them today permit free speech or freedom from the forced acceptance of all things politically correct.  They no longer value critical thinking, so they do not teach it.  They indoctrinate. Students who deviate from the new rules that seem to have leapt off the pages of Orwell’s 1984 will be harassed, punished.  They have terrorized the young with their frightening exhortations of man-caused global warming hysteria.  They are working hard to obliterate the absolute truth of gender.  Science and biology be damned.

Kinda sounds a lot like the Preamble to the Declaration Of Independence, doesn’t it?  Let’s hope that words like this can spark a similar reaction among normal, decent people.

And the article is a LOT better than this small excerpt.


By the way, when did this bullshit become acceptable?


I know, it’s supposed to do… what, exactly?  Fuck with my eyesight?

This works perfectly:

Rule #1 of photography:  no damn unfocused blurriness, unless for effect — and then it must be the focal point of the pic.

Blurring the borders just makes my head ache after a while, and I loathe this affectation with a passion.

Swimsuit Issues

Ah, shuddup:

But the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue doesn’t care about plus-sized women, athletes, or religious models. It cares about staying relevant while also profiting off men buying a magazine to drool over hot women. These silly claims of empowerment through the swimsuit issue cannot change the fact that pages of sexualized women marketed toward men are inherently sexist, insulting, and gross. No amount of diversity can hide Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s real problem.

This, after SI put some Muslim totty in a Mohammed-approved bathing suit (see link, I don’t want it on my blog).

I’ve never purchased a SI Swimsuit Issue, nor even paged through one.  (I think SI is a crap magazine, period, so why would its T&A issue be any better?)  So this situation bothers me not, except that Teh Womyns are once again trying to make men’s lives less enjoyable because feminist bullshit.  (When they start on People Magazine because of its annual Sexiest Man Alive feature, I might bother to listen — nah, not even then.)

As for the current brouhaha about Muzzie swimsuits, I think the best response would be to post a pic of a real swimsuit, and to double the effect, one worn by a Jewish  girl:

Swimsuit 2018: Aruba Athletes / Aly Raisman / Aruba 11/11/2017 / X161518 TK4 / Credit: James Macari

My my, young Aly certainly has  grown up since the 2012 Olympics…

Iniquitous Theft

I was watching some stupid BBC-TV show about how a titled earl’s mansion was saved from ruin only by royal intervention (Prince Charles and his Prince’s Trust), and how the place was restored to its former glory and was now in essence a museum (said earl having relinquished title to the property many decades ago).

Which house and which earl is not important.  What was not said was why the place had to be abandoned in the first place, which can be summed up in just two words:  inheritance taxes.

Of all instances of government bastardy — and there are thousands — this is the one which gets my goat, because there are two major principles in play, and neither of them is good.

1)  The State decides that your property doesn’t really belong to you, so the gummint takes part of it it away from you (or more properly, from your heirs) after your death and puts it into their coffers.  It’s nothing less than fucking theft, pure and simple.

2)  The principle that “unearned income” — i.e. that your wealth gets passed on to your heirs, who didn’t work for it and therefore it should be treated as a windfall — is a bad thing because it simply perpetuates the wealth inequality of society.  The underlying Marxist lie that underpins this idea is self-explanatory:  that wealth is a finite quantity, and that keeping it in the family prevents others in society from benefiting from it.  (Never mind that history shows that almost all  great fortunes are dissipated within four — and usually three — generations because of multiple heirs, wastage, poor judgement and so on.)

What we also know is that inheritance taxes do not affect the very wealthy much, if at all, because they protect their property by a multitude of (perfectly-legal) tax avoidance schemes.  Instead, the taxes hit the middle classes (and especially family business owners and farmers) hardest of all.

So it’s all very well for HRH the Prince of Wales to come riding in on his faerie chariot and save some great house from ruin, when in fact it was the policies of his (and his forerunners’) government that was the principle cause of that ruin in the first place.

Just so we know the extent of the villainy:  the family was going to be forced to sell off the household effects to help pay the bills.  Which sounds trivial except that the earl was the owner of the largest collection of Chippendale furniture in the world (simply because the fifth earl had seen the first-ever catalog of the Chippendale Brothers furniture company in the 1750s, liked what he saw and bought hundreds of pieces of the stuff for his new country home, and all of which had stayed in the house ever since).  To give you an idea of its worth:  just one large glass-fronted bookcase — now being used to house some of the family’s equally-valuable china — would have fetched at auction around £20 million, and each of the hundreds of Chippendale chairs around £50,000… yes, each.

All the household goods had been packed up in an eighteen-wheeler, and were actually halfway to the auction house in London when the truck was intercepted and turned back to the house.  All very heroic stuff — and all completely unnecessary.

What’s interesting is that here in Murka, where we don’t even have titles and such, the popular antipathy towards inheritance taxes is profound — something like 80% of people polled hate the very idea of it, even though the vast majority of people are unlikely ever to be affected by inheritance taxes.

That’s because we’re not stupid, and we can recognize theft when we see it.  It’s the principle of the matter, and as this nation was founded upon principle, we can recognize its villainy where other countries’ inhabitants might not.

By the way, here’s the Wikipedia entry for Dumfries House.