August Fundraiser

As threatened a couple of weeks ago, August marks the month wherein I call for financial support from you, O My Loyal Readers, so that I may keep this motley collection of foul-tempered rants, occasional essays, reviews of books and movies, gratuitous pictures of beautiful guns, cars and women, and in general all the things that give pleasure to men (and on occasion, to my long-suffering Lady Readers as well).  Also, so that I can actually try to  survive Bidenflation and the resulting economic collapse without having to resort to the old-fashioned ways of keeping New Wife and myself alive.

After getting input from everyone, I decided not to go with a begging site e.g. GoFundMe, but rather just setting up sundry means of donations via VenMo and Zelle, as well as the usual PayPal and Patreon methods (the latter for those who would prefer to set up a monthly donation, for cash flow purposes).  Of course, those who wish may also go the paper route via the Sooper-Seekrit mailing address.  Details of all the above are as follows:

Venmo details:  @Kim-DuToit-2
Zelle:  [email protected]
PayPal:  [email protected]
Patreon:  kimdutoit

…and of course, the Sooper-Seekrit mailing address for those of the Paper Persuasion:

6009 W. Parker Rd
Ste 149-141
Plano TX 75093

Venmo and Zelle are two new streams for me, and I have tested them so they should work.

And as a reminder / nag, this annoying graphic will appear inside the top post twice a week or so:

However, to assuage the annoyance, there will also be a pic of this nature right underneath it:



…etc.  You get my drift.

Finally:  at the end of August, the Top 3 (plus ties) donations will be entered into a Secret Drawing for one of my treasured iron-sighted rifles — which, lest we forget, I can no longer shoot because Old Busted Eyes.  The rifles will be legal in all 50 states, so no worries there.

Thank you all for your support.


As uploading pics is so time-consuming, I’ve had to re-post an earlier blog from 2018 for tomorrow’s Classic Beauty section.

Not that the topic isn’t worth revisiting, however.