As uploading pics is so time-consuming, I’ve had to re-post an earlier blog from 2018 for tomorrow’s Classic Beauty section.

Not that the topic isn’t worth revisiting, however.


Maybe it’s because Doc Russia and his lady came round for dinner last night


…or maybe the well has just run uncharacteristically dry, but I can’t think of a decent “Difficult Choices” scenario.

Maybe one will come to me later, when the hobgoblins have finished their clog dance inside my skull..

Bear with me.

Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot

There’s a new Kim du Toit book on sale.


Just be warned:  it’s nothing like my usual fare.

The idea came to me shortly after Connie died, and I wrote most of it while staying at Free Market Towers.

I’m still working on Skeleton Coast;  while it is completed (finally!), I have to reformat it the whole thing to make it work in both print and Kindle, which requires almost a line-by-line edit.  It should all be done by the end of next week.

Policy Change

A few people have taken issue with the way I show my displeasure at officialdom and busybodies [some redundancy]  by using this cartoon:

“It’s too crass, Kim!” and “You have more class than that, Kim!”  are the common themes.

Far be it for me to upset my more conservative Readers, so in future I may be using this instead:

I trust that this change is to everyone’s satisfaction…

Feeling Better

After my rather gloomy, sorry-for-myself post the other day, I must confess to feeling quite heartened at the several messages which I read both in Comments and via email from people like Reader Bruce M, who wrote in response to “Getting Tired” thus:

Me too, but there are a lot of us out that need people like you to stay focused on the world for us.
I would like you to do a bit about the politics of hate. It seems to me that there is an effort to get those of us that just want our freedom to do and think what we want, to hate each other.
The groups to hate:
Boomers, vaxxers, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, any religious group not of your exact sect or cult. The list keeps growing until no one is on our side.
Planned by the commies, maybe ?
A reader who values your thoughts.

It is indeed a topic worthy of discussion, nay even a rant.  Expect one shortly.

And from Longtime Reader John dB who, after a reminder of my long-past writings, concluded with:

Can I persuade you to cast aside your fatigue and carry on with your political commentary? What you have to say features in what I want to do and besides, the quiet ones who follow you but hardly/never comment, need you.

I am deeply touched and flattered that my fevered rants about our body politic actually mean something in people’s lives.  (He also reminded me of this essay.)

Consider the fatigue cast aside… just buckle in, because it may get kinda rough from here on.