Changing Tide

I have to admit that I’m starting to lean this way myself:

Donald Trump is being largely blamed for the midterm red wave that never happened, with Republican strategists pinning the party’s underwhelming performance in the 2022 midterms on his selection of ‘flawed’ candidates. 

Trump endorsed some 300 candidates, held 30 rallies and raised millions of dollars for his ‘army’ of candidates. It was supposed to be the amuse-bouche for a Presidential run, intended to set him up for a sweeping 2024 success.  

But overnight, many of Trump’s chosen candidates crashed and burned.

It seems to me that Trump is becoming like Her Filthiness Hillary Ciinton, the “broken glass” candidate (in that people would crawl over broken glass to vote against them).

Where there was previously no strong candidate to back in the fight against socialism, Trump was the default because all the Stupid Party could bring to the [ahem] party were candidates of the Romney/Mitch McConnell stripe — establishment GOPe drones.

Thanks to Trump, however, we have more radical leaders like Kristi Noem and of course Ron DeSantis around who, provided we could actually vote them into power, might continue or even improve upon the works of President Trump.

And let’s be honest:  another Trump similarity to Hillary is age:  in 2024 he will be 78, and if Biden is anything to go by, we do not need another octogenarian in the White House, no matter how energetic he may seem at the moment.  (A depressing thing about advanced age — ask me how I know this — is that two, three or four years has a far more radical effect upon one’s physical- and mental capabilities at 65+ years than they had at age 40 or even 50.)  Trump would be 79 if he were to win the next election, but 81 by the next mid-term election.  Could he still be as effective?  Hell, given the obstacles the Swamp would throw at him, could he be effective at all?

I have no problem with Trump continuing to hold rallies all over the place, as long as they support the MAGA philosophy and not his candidacy.  But that ain’t gonna happen.

And given that the supposed “red tsunami” turned out to be more of a pinkish trickle (a topic for another time), there’s no guarantee that even a conservative maestro like Ron DeSantis would be successfully elected.

Is it too early for a second gin?  I think not.


From yesterday’s Comments:

“More than three million (and counting) “Texans” voted for Beto.”

Just remember that if all three million had voted in the same place, he wouldn’t even have carried Houston, let alone the whole state.

In fact, given that the Lone Star’s voting population numbers about 19 million, and at least ten percent of any given population are retarded assholes*, Beto’s vote count is not even double that number.

*Assuming that all retarded assholes would vote for Beto, that is, but there’s a limit even to asshole retardation.

Do Your Duty

…and now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the voting booth.  I’ve been looking forward to this day for TWO YEARS.

And from Reader Termite, a timely reminder:

…just to be on the safe side, of course.


To:  Ex-POTUS Donald Trump
From:  All Conservative Voters

Re:  This Bullshit:



Action Required (by you):

Shut the fuck up.

Supporting argument #1:

Ron DeSantis has been more effective in addressing the illegal immigration crisis as Florida’s governor than you were as POTUS (yeah, we know, the asshole House Republicans etc. etc.).  Don’t care.  Sending illegal immigrants to the Blue “sanctuary cities” is pure genius (yeah, we know, Texas started it etc. etc.).

Supporting argument #2:

In a straight-up contest between DeSantis and any Democrat (e.g. Gavin Newsom), DeSantis wins by a mile.  You?  Not so much.  In a straight-up contest between DeSantis and you?  That’s the purpose of the primary;  let the voters decide.  Just remember:  the NeverTrump nonsense, while nonsense, is nevertheless a thing.  There’s no such thing as “NeverRon”, unless you start it.  And speaking of the primaries:

Supporting argument 3:

Heed the words of Ronald Reagan:  “Speak no ill of another Republican.”


Save your clever-dick bullshit for the Democrats;  leave DeSantis alone.

News Roundup – Pre-Election Day Special

Brought to you by:

Today’s news to help you get through tomorrow:

...ain’t gonna work, assholes.  Antifa riots, BLM riots, Supreme Court intimidation, defunding cops, horrible foreign policy, an uncontrolled “open” border, worshipping the Green agenda (leading to high gas prices, diesel shortages and ending with uncontrollable inflation), FBI/DHS/IRS thuggery, child abuse in public schools, harassing parents, Marxist propaganda — these and oh so many more all bear YOUR fingerprints:  and we know it.

...well, he would, wouldn’t he?  [/Mandy Rice-Davies]

...because, “Light-Bringer”, we know the fucking truth.

...and in latest news from Mt. St. Helens... mean “threat of widespread rioting by the Left when the elections go against them and they lose the House and Senate”.  No?  If not that, then there is no “heightened threat”.

...actually, that’s true of every issue, not just border security.

...don’t need any stupid poll to tell us that.

...yeeeeaaaarrrrgh, baby.  Dream on.

...and I know one family which has lost 70% of theirs since Biden was elected.


And in a special pre-election FAKE NEWS (ergo also no links) section:

...but if at first glance your heart skipped a beat out of joy, join the club.

...sounds a little desperate, doesn’t she?

...why else do you think he ran for office when he had absolutely no chance?

...just another day in Bidenville. man should.

Finally, some totty that should help you on Erection Day.  This is someone named Diana Vickers:

Right, that should give you all the advice and support you need for tomorrow.