Friday Night Movies

I seldom watch movies these days — “these days” being the last quarter-century — that for me to compile a list of “Best Movies Of Recent Times” would be a hopeless proposition.

However, Breitbart’s John Nolte is a movie buff, and as I generally agree with his opinions about those few movies I have  seen, it’s worth pointing to his “Best 53 Movies” lists:

I don’t agree with his choice for #1 — fine movie though it was — but it’s a good list nevertheless.

The only glaring omission I could see (inexplicably, it didn’t even make Nolte’s list of finalists) was 2009’s wonderful Taking Chance, in which Kevin Bacon (finally) gave a really good performance.

Have at it — and if (like me) you haven’t seen many of Nolte’s 53 movies, it should give you a decent reference list to look up on the various streaming channels.


If I could play one indoor game very well, it would be snooker (not pool).  And should you want to know who I’d like to play as well as, it’s Ronnie O’Sullivan.  For your Friday night movie, here is the man himself absolutely demolishing his opponent in a best-of-nine competition.  (Hint:  it doesn’t go to nine games.)  As any good snooker player will tell you, it’s not sinking the ball that’s important, it’s where you leave the cue ball for your next shot, and in terms of skill, Ronnie’s like Tiger, but with better smeeking:


But this is the expression that his opponents dread seeing:

So pour yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy the next three-quarters of an hour, seeing a man on top of his game.

Friday Night Movie

I’ve known about Katie Hopkins for many years now, but I was astonished to learn that few people outside the U.K. have any idea who she is.  Whatever you think of her, nobody can deny her courage and guts, and her willingness to say what’s right regardless of whether it’s popular.

Time to rectify all that, so get a cup of coffee or an alcoholic drink or two of your choice, and settle in as she beseeches the U.S. not to become like the U.K.

I have to tell you all, she makes me ashamed that I’ve not been more active and more vocal;  so starting next week you may see a lot more of the Old Kim — more angry, more vocal and more… well, more like the guy who helped start the Nation Of Riflemen and National Ammo Day.

There will be more harsh commentary, more invective, and a LOT more guns.  You have been warned.