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From RedState:

Sunday night, Austrian school economist Javier Milei gave a figurative and political curb-stomping to incumbent Argentine President Sergio Massa, beating him by ten percentage points. Not only did Milei win, but he did it in an election in which judges did not arbitrarily change laws and without huge, unexplained tranches of ballots, with 99% marked for the favorite candidate of the political class being discovered after the polls closed.

It kinda sucks when one of the exemplars of the “banana republic” concept does the democracy thing more honestly than that beacon of freedom and democracy, the U.S. of A.

It may not last, of course:  the odds are good that the defeated party will just send in the tanks — I mean, the National Guard.

We’d never do something like that, of course.

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  1. I see that Sr. Milei was endorsed by the proprietor of Mar-a-Lago.
    I do hope that said proprietor is invited to the inauguration in Buenos Aires, and that he reciprocates by inviting Sr. Milei to his inauguration in Washington D.C.

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