News Roundup

Today is hereby proclaimed as SEX NEWS DAY (because I’m sick of all the other shit).

...key word: Romanian.

...there are Southern Baptist biker gangs in Britishland?  Who knew?

...only a cousin?  They should just move to Mississippi.

...when “horny bastard” is translated into New English — “untreated sex addict”, my aching nuts.

...keyword:  Virginia?  This should play well with the voters [/sarc];  unless her district includes Alexandria, in which case all bets are off.

...”sexual health doctor”?  Which medical school offers this speciality?

From the Dept. of Sex Education:

...not a bad idea;  it’s not like anyone is going to snitch on them, after all.

...judging by her pic, the “miracle” is that the kid could get it up in the first place.

...#Catholic Church

...wait till you see the pics.

...but she’s okay with having orgasms with other guys, for money?  I got nothing.

And in (link-free) SEX INSIGNIFICA:

  ...”granny grabber”, we got it.

...headline edited for clarity.

Must say, she’s a little light in the superstructure for me, but the legs are pretty good.


  1. two years? that’s it? extortion, blackmail and gets two years jail? I suppose Romania is doing better than the west. Over here she’d been made marshal of the pink hat brigade’s parade.

    The Susana Gibson race ought to be interesting in parts of Virginia.

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