Gentler Clothing

The other day, I caught a glimpse of Hot Mommy Christine McGuinness:

…and yes, she’s very sexy and has lovely legs, fine breastworks and all that.

But those clothes:  aren’t they a little too hard for a woman who’s not going to some dominatrix costume party?

Am I the only man who prefers women to be a little more feminine, and who misses the days when Laura Ashley was the designer of choice, with whites, pastels and soft floral prints?

And the style can carry through to nighties, too:

Was there ever a man whose heart would not beat a little faster when seeing that clothing in his bedroom?


  1. “Am I the only man…?”

    No, you are not. I find body ink, piercings, and metal attachments to be a total turn off. The same with makeup applied with a trowel. Give me a gal with an easy smile and eyes only for me. Bonus points if she knows how to shoot. Double bonus points if she is willing to learn how.

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