1. Agreed – She changed my view of beautiful girls when I first saw West Side Sory at 14 and then Gypsy the following year.

  2. A terrible old joke comes to mind. “What kind of wood doesn’t float?”
    Natalie Wood. And yes, she was so beautiful and rather talented, it was heartbreaking when that young woman died under unusual circumstances.

  3. I think I started to understand the word “lust” as a youngster while watching her in the wonderful Blake Edwards film “The Great Race.” Hubba hubba.

    1. One of my favorite films! It took me years to figure out that, in terms of story structure, Professor Fate is the ‘hero’. It’s HIS struggle you care about. The Great Leslie is pretty much a cipher.

    2. One of the sexiest moments ever caught on camera is her in her unmentionables covered in pie after the pie fight. Rawr.

        1. I knew a girl-next-door like her. Roughly fifty-five years later the heart still pangs a little when I see someone who resembles her. We were so innocent that we used to kiss leaning towards each other so that our bodies wouldn’t touch.

  4. She was a little before my time, and I remember hearing about her drowning on the Paul Harvey show as a kid.

    Didn’t appreciate till later how stunning she was. She may have been a mess, but you could feel those eyes reach right down into your soul.

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