News Roundup

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Today, the news may not be exactly what it seems, as we take some of the above.

no comment necessary, except:

great moments in good timing.

prison wardens not available for comment.

and about time, too.

like we didn’t already know that.

I know I did.

well, I thought it was him, and “Selma” was nowhere to be found.

glug, glug:

how much worse can he possibly make the situation?  Magic 8-ball:  “Lots worse.”

“let them catch the bus”.

And now is time for INSIGNIFICA, which are actual headlines:



…hell, never mind her accent.  She has some offsetting qualities:

News over.  Next time, a return to the normal format.


  1. I wouldn’t hire that Welsh lady either (since we’re not supposed to dip our pens into company ink).

  2. re — link at ‘Freed Persian Wife Negotiation For Bed Antics With Somebody Besides Prison Staff’
    VP Hit Back
    “Harris wasn’t happy with Joe Biden appointing her to address the southern border crisis, wanting a softball foreign policy assignment, and thinks the president’s ‘white inner circle’ looks down on her.”
    harris is advertised as half-NorthernEuropeanHeritage and half-hindoo, but feels as though she is something less?
    Two of the best inputs created her, and that is not good enough?
    Glorious Leader chinesium joe biden was not doing the appointing of harris or anybody else.
    Fact is, Brandon was appointed.
    I welcome your rebuttal.
    The sentence ‘the white house inner circle looks down on her…’ seems unfinished.
    Looks down on her earlobes?
    Looks down on her shins?
    Looks down on her spot-on impersonations of the characters in IDIOCRACY?

  3. Pilots are not licensed, they are certificated… It says so right on my license 🙂

    Travolta may have received a type rating for a 737. Likewise, his type ratings on the 707, 727, and the rest of the big iron mentioned, all allow him and at least one (or two) close friends to fly them. He cannot fly them by himself.

    And Quantas (originally Queensland and Northern Territory Air Services) is an airline, not an ‘aircraft company’.

  4. I hope Thomas has a speedy recovery. He is an asset to SCOTUS and the American people.

    How many resources are being devoted to bring down Boris over foolish Communist flu restrictions? what a waste of time and money.

    Harris didn’t screw up on her trip to Europe about Ukraine? Gotta send in the Big Guy!!!

    I’m sure Willie Brown looked down on Kackle-A too. He looked down on the back of her head


  5. meanwhile, KLM mechanics call the B787 the 7-HATE-7 because there’s always something wrong with them…
    The 737s just soldier on with no complaints whatsoever.

  6. Re: China crash. From the tinfoil hat club, so take it for what it’s worth. The US remotely hacked the controls, crashed the plane because Fang-Fang was aboard, and had incriminating evidence on Swallowswell.

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