Warning Signs

According to a host of doctors — i.e. real doctors treating actual patients, not charlatans in wizard hats preening in front of the media assholes — these are the ailments most associated with the flu-like Omigodicron virus:

  • Scratchy throat
  • Lower back pain
  • Runny nose/congestion
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Sneezing
  • Night sweats
  • Body aches

As I said:  flu-like.

Now before anyone gets all panicky and starts fleeing to the hospital, let me stress that all the above are not mild symptoms (such as can be associated with the normal aches and pains of age, e.g. as experienced by me and my Readers — average age about 95).

No, we’re talking about the above as incapacitating symptoms:  “can’t get out of bed” fatigue, night sweats which drench the bedclothes for days on end, a scratchy throat which makes it difficult to swallow, body aches which render any kind of movement difficult if not almost impossible, etc.  In other words, extreme symptoms.  (Kinda like ordinary seasonal flu, but on Barry Bonds-level steroids.)

If you are experiencing (or in the current revolting medico-speak, “presenting with”) many or all of these symptoms, then yes, you may indeed have the Omigoditron bug, and you might want to seek medical assistance, especially if you’re being treated for the usual age-related ailments.  (If you’re a youngin in good health, take two aspirins and get on with your life.)

Remember, however, that Dr. Kim is not a real doctor, doesn’t even play one on TV like Ebenezer Fauci, and that all his “advice” should be taken with a metric tonne of salt.

But all that said (and the hospitalization/mortality numbers seem to bear me out), this Grandson of Wuflu does not seem to be that big a deal — more people are likely to die of influenza this winter than from any of the Covids, and most certainly more than from the new kid on the block.

YMMV, but I think the mild Omigodicron Covid variant is going to end up being the vaccine against itself, and life will soon be able to totter along on its normal uncertain path.


  1. That’s odd – this is the first time I’ve seen someone claim that Omicron has “incapacitating” symptoms.

    The comments I’ve seen from doctors who have been treating Omicron patients lean much, much toward “not very bad at all, and many people don’t even realize they’re sick.”

    1. Usually, the incapacitating symptoms are not related to an Omicron infection, but when they are, medical assistance is wise.

  2. I had delta, 2 days of MILD flu symptoms such as fever (99 to 100 F), body aches (almost indistinguishable from how I feel after I attempt to exercise), and general IDGAF attitude (mostly normal for me). Then I went back to work on Monday (cause I always get sick on weekends and vacation) and didn’t think twice about it.

    Brother and his wife had omicron, basically the sniffles as they described it.

    Incapacitating? Hardly. Slightly worse than common cold? Maybe. Not even flu like.

    Nope, this shit gotta stop. It ain’t that bad and people still catch colds. That’s what this is.

      1. Yeah, but if he drink the way you indicated “medium sized” for him might be debilitating for your average bloke.

  3. The thing is that this is what viruses (viri?) DO, they get more contagious and less dangerous to the host. Hint, the virus wants to survive, and the virus dies with the host, so killing the host is a poor strategy for the virus. The exception of course being viruses that jump species, but note that while Bubonic Plague (to name just one) kills humans in job lots, it’s a mild disease in the rodent population where it first formed and where it thrives.

    Mark D

  4. Tested positive for COVID yesterday, after feeling off and spiking a 102° fever on the 1st. Probably Omikron, but who knows. Quite honestly, symptoms of the 2nd Pfizer shot were more incapacitating than this (with cold/flu/etc I either sit at 99.9°, or jump to 102°+, with no middle ground), since that included a weird progression of random body aches, some of which hurt like hell. Not febrile this morning, so now I get to figure out what the “official” policy is for telework because I’m not supposed to be around people, but am completely capable of VPNing into work and doing my job…

  5. Like others, I’m looking for information that I can trust re: “The Pandemic”.

    Came across this site yesterday, wondering if anybody has an opinion on it?


    Not endorsing, not throwing rocks, just looking for others take on it.

    If any site would have legitimate covid links, I’d trust yours the most. If you’ve got a list of non-government sites that give a more accurate assessment of our situation, at least ones that provide factual data with links, please share.

  6. We all had the Omigodicron flu last week.
    We got it from people who were both vax’d and boosted.
    For me and the kids it was about 5 or 6 days of achy sweats and sore throat. We still feel a little drag assy.
    The wife always gets hit harder with this stuff. It’ll probably take her 2 to 3 weeks to slough it off.

    Bottom line is, the vaccine is useless.

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