Fantasy World

I present to you all this little epistle of idiocy, with only one comment:

You’ll hate it because we liberals tend to pride ourselves on caring about evidence, science, and accuracy. Being factually right, or at least grounded in reality, is something we value, something meaningful to our self-concept.

Such as your support for the climate change nonsense and gun control (to name but two)?

Emotion over facts — I love the fact that the author is supporting its adoption by the Left now, when it’s been their overriding principle for a hundred years.


  1. The author worked for a “non-partisan” fact-checking site. !!!!!!

    LOL. Really? There has never been a non-partisan fact-checking site. They have all been liberal BS disguised as non-partisan in order to defend Obama (first I remember of them) and then attack Trump. Yes I remember Snopes much earlier, but the generic fact-checking label 100% centered around the left protecting the left by promoting certain lies over others.

    I like how all the liberals throw things out there and just pretend that the rest of the country has absolutely no memory and can’t put together well known facts from just a decade earlier.

  2. The religious, emotional fervor that these people operate under is as far removed from evidence and reason as you can get. No wonder so many of them are insane, they live in a fantasy world but the real world keeps bumping into them.

  3. This observation also applies to KDT’s Quote of the Day post: It’s another day ending in Y.

  4. “Conservatives deal with facts and reach conclusions; liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts.”
    I don’t know who that quote is from, but it’s on ‘s masthead, and absolutely true.

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