RFI: The Caption Competition

Last week’s Competition was #200 in this weekly posting — that’s nearly  two years’ worth of strange pictures — and I need to have a quick poll just to see if it’s getting old, and my Readers would prefer that we Move On (to what, I don’t know).

Tell me how you feel, in Comments or by email.


  1. Keep it going. The pics are often worth stopping by in and of themselves.

    The comments are also worthwhile reading.

  2. Of course keep the damn thing up and ongoing, I really like adding my thoughtful, delightful, brilliant,, .. ,, most excellent captions.

  3. Keep it up.

    They are amusing even without the caption. Probably hard to source though.

    The old site cross America in this time was good as well. Have to say what I would use has changed somewhat.

  4. Keep it up!

    Although, IIRC you do one once per week, so 200 entries would be nearly four years, not two, no?

    Mark D

  5. Unless YOU want to drop them (e.g. too much headache to keep finding these) then keep them going. I don’t often comment because frankly, I’m just not that clever. Overall it doesnt matter to me. Won’t affect my readership. It would be easy to replace them with gun porn, I think we can all agree on that.

  6. I like them. I don’t always compete because they don’t always spark a caption for me. But I like reading what others say.

  7. Please don’t stop. It was bad enough the two previous times when you stopped blogging, Kim.

  8. Hell, Kim, it’s your site. Do what YOU want.
    I’m OK with whatever you want to publish.

  9. Another vote to continue, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the pictures of the cultured race goers.

  10. I rather enjoy the unusual photos you find, and the comments have been a hilarious and welcome amusement in these trying times.

  11. Hilarious pictures – keep ’em comin’. Maybe a tiny variation? Instead of comments, how about we answer the question “WTF’s going on here?”

  12. I write a caption on occasion. On very rare occasions I come up With something that might be thought of as funny. I’m for anything that encourages creatively, sarcasm, and a weird sense of humor from any and all of the sickos who visit your site.

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