1. Back when ammo was cheap, I spent a lot of fun hours out plinking with my 10/22. Those were happy days indeed.

  2. I’ll take one of each. Actually mine is a pretty basic model like the first picture. Nothing fancy but it does the job. Years back somebody made a stock replacement kit that turned your 10/22 into a 3/4 scale MG-42. It didn’t look quite right as the feed was in the wrong place but it seemed to be really cool. I don’t recall ever seeing one in the wild, but if I discover one, I’ll buy a second 10/22 and go all Mall Ninja with it.

    1. More recently someone on the Internet (SOTI) sold a stock that turned your 10/22 into a slightly smaller version of the M1 Carbine. It wasn’t perfect, the rear sight was different, but it looked pretty much like one. You could buy a magazine with some plastic to imitate the straight magazine of the Carbine.
      I hope that when I get around to buying one, they are still available.

  3. Have two. one is open sight and a tack driver. the other has a scope mounted but does not seem to be able to hit the broad side of a barn if you are inside the barn. Need to spend some time on that one and figure out what is off.

    Range time.

    1. I built a 10-22 from scratch last year, all custom parts, and learned just about everything about them. Check out the connection between the barrel and the receiver. The clamping mechanism is such that it can pull the barrel downward when tightened. Kidd and No-Spud have a solution for it. If that clamp is over tightened the gun will never be accurate.

  4. Back some years ago I bought a used one for the action and put a Tactical Solutions target barrel on it. That barrel is a lined aluminum lightweight but shoots like crazy. Put all that in a Hogue overmolded target stock, with a Volquartson trigger and a Tactical Solutions magazine release. It may be my all time favorite .22. Extremely accurate. But you could get the same results, a lot cheaper, by buying Ruger’s target model, fifth from the top in the pictures above. Great rifles!

  5. My brother has the wood and blue with the standard sights, I have the stainless and plastic with a scope. Both are tack drivers. The 25 round Ruger extended mags do not jam! Put up as many clay birds at 50 yards and hammer away! I was cleaning out some boxes in the spare room and found 5 brick’s of Remington .22. yay me I can go plinking without worry! Most of them were buy one get one half off at dicks a few years back, in the yonder years when a brick was $18, $22 if you got some fancy vipers.

    1. Stay away from ProMags. I sent a dozen of 25 rd models back to the seller because they had inconsistent springs and failed to feed properly. Stick to Ruger brands.

  6. Just bought a .22 Charger yesterday. I’ll be putting a can, binary trigger, and pistol brace on it.

    Inspired by this article:
    tinyurl dot com slash cpzupvfm

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