Brit actress Helena Bonham Carter has often been featured on this back porch, most usually as a figure of fun because, well, because:



Let us never forget that she got her start playing posh Edwardian ingenues (Room With A View, Remains Of The Day, etc.):

And given that the fashions of the time worked really hard to hide the bodies of women, what those pictures showed was HBC’s two best features:  her extraordinarily beautiful face, and her mass of wild, un-tameable hair.

What the above two movies showed, in a lovely example of life imitating art, is that HBC really, really doesn’t give a damn what people think of her, or how she looks, or how she dresses, and so on.  So, for example, if she couldn’t be bothered to fix that mane of hair, she just lets it go, or else starts off with good intentions, but then just says, “Oh fuck it” (in that exquisite, classy accent):

And of course, her “don’t give a damn” attitude is often on display with her clothing at formal affairs such as on the red carpet:

Which brings me to the topic of her breasts.  They are generally of modest dimensions except when she’s pregnant, when they balloon out quite delightfully:

Sometimes, a mark of a true beauty is how a woman appears in black-and-white pics:

But really, it’s all about her attitude:

And at the end of the day, HBC is undeniably a brilliant actress, and gorgeous withal:

…and who can argue with that?


      1. Now don’t be tetchy or snippy Kim…!!! But P is right! GAH! Either you are ready for bifocals, or we have to bring Chateau Heartiste in for a third opinion so we can judge your mental fitness! That gal has ‘batshit crazy’ written all over her and is, at best, a 6 dressed up as a 9.

        Let this be a stern reminder to the lesser and younger men: do not be misled by a woman’s other attributes. The eyes are the window to the soul – and this one is sizzling on the BBQ of Hades.

  1. I first became aware of her from her role as “Lady Jane” Grey — the (one of the?) Tudor usurper(s). I named a cat after her character. Somehow seems appropriate.

  2. Most recently she portrayed the middle-aged (and boozy) (and suicidal) Princess Margaret in Netflix’s “The Crown”. Just like those pics above, it was interesting to watch her flit between classy and crazy.

  3. Hot little chunk.
    Just now re-watching Seasons 3-4 of the Crown where all her various talents are on full display for better and worse. Fun to watch, but everyone needs to repeat the prime directive … “Never put your dick in crazy.”

  4. She looks like on of those Carnival rides that you regret getting on about 1/4 way into the ride, but now you can’t get off. Great fun until it suddenly isn’t.

    Bat Shit Crazy with her own source of funds is a particularly deadly combo. Stay far away.

    1. Now, when she dresses herself, she looks like she dressed in a mixture of Salvation Army Store castoffs, but in her younger days when others wanted to enhance her natural youthful charms for their own personal enrichment, she did clean up well.
      The Playboy photographer Pompeo Posar (an obvious Nom de Shutter, that one), once said that inner beauty doesn’t start to show until about age thirty, and George Orwell said that “you get the face you deserve at age fifty.”
      The Batshit crazy has shown through by now, so it is an accurate description.

  5. That last B/W sweater-shot is probably one of her best here.
    As to the rest, the Kray-Kray is strong in her.

  6. I have cray-cray now. Why would I want more? Cute she is, intelligent and definitely odd, all of which I find attractive. But she is around the bend.

    Not going there.

  7. A “Class A” nutcase, as so amply illustrated by her nude, “fish-loving” photo above, no?

    1. Definitely more so than Nastassja Kinsky in her famous photo, “Nastassja and the Serpent”, but by how much, I cannot say.

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