News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to make you gag.

yeah, when in doubt, go after gun owners.  It worked SO well for Weinstein.

short answer:  no.  But wait, it’s explained by an ASTROLOGER, so it’s all true. [eyecross]

oh how my heart bleeds for Hollywood

Dept. of Totalitarianism:

at least he wasn’t caught littering, which carries the death penalty in Singapore.

key word:  Illinois.

amid rumors that Dachau is reopening “under new management”.

I’m amazed to see that the Oz cops aren’t wearing jackboots.

could have been worse.  We could have been compared to Hitler (again).

And over The Pond, a reaction:

no doubt, these are just ISIS airport bombers in disguiseAnd just so you know, the headline is a lie.  The “mob” is not protesting vaccines, but “vaccine passports” and forced vaccinations.

I don’t even know where to begin on how funny this is.  Or this:

let’s hear it for the Internet Of Things.

From the Department of Suckage:



And finally:

okay, but where do we start?  Antifa or the FBI?

Enough of that.  Time for the real news:

who she, you ask?

She’s also known for her perfect Joe Biden impersonations:

Yeah, I know…


  1. I think I’ve known some Crystals that could take care of some of my problems.

    Of course, getting rid of them afterward would have posed a problem of its own.

  2. Go after gun owners? No, here’s the latest shit-show from Australiastan:

    Issue an FPH (Firearms Prohibition Order) against an individual. This can be issued arbitrarily, with no reasons needed.

    This allows police to stop and search said individual’s vehicle with no warrant and no cause required; search said individual’s house with no warrant and no cause required; search said individual with no warrant and no cause required.

    This is being used against a freelance journo who has annoyed police. These searches are happening to him several times a day.

  3. If the problem is that my old Heathkit ham transmitter won’t tune up on the frequency I want, then crystals can absolutely fix my problem.

  4. The British Father who was kicked out of Singapore, first being thrown into a mental hospital;
    was he diagnosed with “Sluggish Schizophrenia”, that favorite diagnosis for the dissidents in the old Soviet Union? The handbook for that should have been translated from the Russian by now.
    He’s lucky he didn’t have a show trial with an award of 25 years for “Forming independent Opinions.”

  5. Cop friends tell me that flashing red and blue lights act as a homing beacon for drunks. Perhaps the programmers of the self-drivers have a problem.

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