Texas, Baby

Let’s hear it for the folks in Fort Worth:

Texas Crowd Stones Gunman to Death After Fatal Shooting

A man allegedly opened fire and killed at least one person at a Fort Wort, Texas, party on Monday morning, prompting the other attendees to reportedly stone the alleged shooter to death at the scene.

I’m just surprised that he wasn’t shot, this being Fort Worth, but I guess that we could call this a Righteous Stoning…

Thanks to several people for sending me the link.


  1. If it was to death, I’m not going to complain just because the Ill-mannered lout of a choirboy did not have his body temperature go to ambient temperature in the manner I have become accustomed to.
    A happy ending in the story of one aspiring rapper’s sordid tale of errors in victim selection is still a happy ending, this one enhanced by quick-thinking and improvisation by the other party-goers.

  2. I believe this salient point needs to be recognized, that “… a group picked up CONCRETE LANDSCAPING BRICKS and started throwing them at the shooter”, Proving that bigger is better when training and skill is minimal, yes?

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