1. Mr. du Toit, I think this group and their music would have fit in perfectly during last months “pride” theme.

    By the way – when is straight pride month?

  2. From the YT blurb:…”the best selling Italian eurodance group ever in the United States.” Just how many Italian eurodance groups have ever released anything in the U.S.? Inquiring minds really don’t care to know.
    Back to my Joe Jackson CDs to drive that drivel out of my ears.

  3. I gotta admit. I enjoyed this one when it came out. Even to me it is an inexplicable thing, but I did and do still enjoy punching it up now an again.

  4. Hard to become an earworm when you can’t stand listening for more than 30 seconds. Which is the point I went back to listening to Traffic.

  5. The back story is interesting https://youtu.be/epnsRRPtoeU
    This song reminds me of my Las Vegas vacation in January 2000, when I first heard this. And when I heard it used in the beginning of Ironman 3 it took me back to that time.

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