Important Question

The Sun  asks:

I’m going to go out on a limb, here, and say, “You can never have too much boob”, with but one (important) qualification:  “It really depends on the owner thereof”.

There’s Salma:


…of whom we can safely say:  “You can never have too much.”

And then there’s, say, Kathy Griffin:


…of whom we can say with equal safety:  “Dear God, no.”

Sorry:  here’s Carol Vorderman, to restore everyone’s good humor:


…who (if I may make a teeny criticism) doesn’t show us enough boob.

And this being the Sun, there’s a followup.


  1. Book review: the front cover and the back cover were very well done. The white material in the middle was awful.

    Thanks now I have KG in my head

  2. I don’t think the women in the article looked like they were topless at all, although the halters they wore were a rather unflattering style. If they were falling out of their tops.that would be one thing, but they weren’t.

    Salma Hayek’s a fine looking woman, especially for her age, but I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t suffer back pain, considering her rack is on a 5’2″ frame.

    Personally, if were talking about size only, I prefer smaller women like Audrey Hepburn or Mila Jovovich. I don’t think any woman should have boobs as big or bigger than her head (natural or bolt-on). But that’s just me. Vive la difference.

  3. The two young lassies are victims of a classic ailment of the young – attention whore-ness.

    Where they totally abandon the premise that ‘the imagination is a powerful weapon’, and ‘package the goods to incite imagination’, they embraced ‘remove all doubt of sluttly-ness’ – anything for a quick tumble, but long-term, future planning eludes them…

  4. How much is too much? Quantify infinity. If they’re not dragging on the ground, they’re probably not “too much.”

  5. Along with the question of what is too much boob, there is the question of what is enough boob?
    Regarding the second group of photos above, I can’t imagine there being enough boob in the world to compensate. And I generally like women whose cup size equals their Grade Point Average while being of Dean’s List caliber.

  6. I rather suspect that Ms. Hayek’s fun bubbles are store bought. She was noticeably less well-endowed during her earlier career. In her latter 20s she told a reporter with some entertainment rag or another (I don’t pay a lot of attention to the genre) that she ” . . . prayed for . . . ” more heft on the chest.

    That doesn’t normally happen after a woman’s latter teens without some help from a pregnancy, and even then the effect is ephemeral. My guess is that G-d had a good deal of assistance with this blessing from a cosmetic surgeon.

    Same reader Mark B from the old NoR site.

      1. Most happy to have rediscovered my favorite bilious old Wetback.

        No problem with scientific enhancements when well done — and hers were.

        Just sayin’ s’all.

  7. IIRC, Kathy Griffin looked reasonably good when she was 30, but she’s doubled that now. That horror show can’t be just the effects of age – my wife and I are 7 years older and haven’t decayed like that. It’s like she’s on the wrong side of the “Picture of Dorian Gray” spell. Or she’s had about three plastic surgeries too many.

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