Friday Night Movies

When Ken Hackathorn and Massad Ayoob sit and talk about their favorite guns, competition shooting and such, there’s a LOT to learn.

Then Ayoob talks about defending yourself against mob violence, there’s still more to learn.

Next, Hackathorn and Bill Wilson talk about doing ugly things to your guns.

Finally, there’s something I didn’t know about:  the Wedge Grip.  I can’t wait to get to the range to try it out.




  1. Try the Capandball YouTube channel. I know the guy who makes it…he’s the real deal. His day job is Professor of Military History. I’m still trying to figure out when he sleeps.

  2. Nice flic pics, Kim. Most pistol shooters have very strong opinions, and love/hate their particular gun gurus with a passion, but Ken Hackathorn and Maas Ayoob are without question top minds and practitioners you can learn from. Thanks for the links!

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