1. When the alteration of your DNA gets to the point where you stop liking those icky guns and begin to think communism ain’t all that bad, I call dibs on disposal of all y’all’s ammo stockpiles. 😉

  2. Save the idea for after you’ve had your second dose.

    BTW I get my first dose on Friday.

  3. Never had a flu shot in my life and certainly will not get one for this. Can’t believe someone who believes in freedom as much as you do actually got one. 🙁

    1. I get flu shots every year, because of my family medical history. I got the Chinkvirus shot so I can dispense with the fucking face mask theater.

      1. That was my idea too, except the People’s Republic of whinges and Karens where I live will fine non-mask wearers $100 if they catch you in Bareface.
        I’m going to get my card printed on a T-shirt, if I might use the surrounding verbiage/image you posted.

    2. Never had a flu shot either and don’t plan to ever get one. But I really want life to get back to normal, so I was willing to get my vax and vax card. Plus I’m planning a big trip in a few months and I don’t want anything to derail that. So if my getting the vax and vax card makes the lefties “feel safe” I was willing to do that.

      I’ve already seen it pay dividends with a couple of friends who quake in fear of catching the C-virus. They had refused to do anything with anyone, but once I told them I had my vax card, all of a sudden I was “approved” to come over for dinner.

      As for side effects, I don’t plan to live forever. I take risks in life and both parents died young from cancer, so why not. You have to die of something.

      1. You do have to die of something, but I don’t think I’d want to die from government, NGO, UN agency, or private sector tyrant wannabe.

    1. Termite,
      You’re absolutely spot on with that link!!! Big Pharma can’t be sued if you have complications or problems with their rushed to the market vaccine.


  4. Uh…
    I got mine yesterday as well, at Baylor.

    Under first dose, Mine has a sticker that says “Pfizer” and the lot number which is what is supposed to be in that field. not a scribbled repeat that you were vaccinated.

    They do that so they know what for the second dose if you go elsewhere.

  5. Almost as good as putting the actual price of gasoline on the marque and let people find out when they pay just how much in GASOLINE TAXES they are paying !
    Same with tobacco products !!

    How about this on the tee shirt ?

    Still can get it !
    Still can pass it on !

    Not sure if it’s happening everywhere. Probably not. Don’t want to upset the plebs.
    According to people I know who have gotten the shots, when you get the shots you are told, or you
    are supposed to be told that –
    1) This WILL NOT PREVENT you from getting the disease ! ( this is what a vaccine DOES )(
    2) This WILL NOT prevent you from spreading the disease so you STILL NEED TO WEAR A MASK !

    This is ALL preparation folks and it ‘ain’t’ over, it ‘ain’t’ over by a long shot !!!

    1. If I’m gonna roll the dice, I’ll do it with the virus, not with the virus AND the vaccine.

  6. There have been calls to only allow people who received the Franken-juice vaccine into public gatherings such as concerts and such. No Papers, then no entry.

    So I gotta ask, is putting this on a T shirt along the lines of the famous yellow star, pink triangle and the host of other markings required by a central european country in the mid twentieth century? Asking for me.


  7. Mine has the type of vaccine and lot numbers on it too. Second one left me miserable enough that I had no guilt lying on the couch all day Sunday. Probably would not have felt guilty anyway, but good to have a medical excuse for being lazy.

  8. Which one did you get? Both my daughters (med workers) received the Pfizer, second dose gave flu like reactions for a day. Sisters daughter (lab worker) received the J&J single dose, couldn’t get out of bed next day, flu for a day. I get mine tomorrow and I don’t know which it will be. I don’t want the Moderna one that Bill Gates is associated with. The last thing I need is Blue screen of death from a shot. I find it interesting that every time a new variant of covid is found, Pfizer says we have that covered, but the others don’t..

  9. I caught the Chink Virus at the end of January, tested positive 2 FEB. I had a fever for just about two weeks. The first 5-6 days were very bad body aches that I treated with ibuprofen. I also had fever, couldn’t get or stay warm, fatigue and poor appetite. I’d say it took me about three weeks to shake it. The congestion wouldn’t break with Mucinex or Mucinex DM. Cough was non productive and wet. I do have some health issues. It was not a pleasant experience but I’d rather do that again thank take the Franken-juice from producers or bear no responsibility for it.


  10. I didn’t so much want the vaccine as the piece of paper. As soon as they get enough people vaccinated they will start discriminating. I am not now and never have been an anti-vaxxer but even for someone my age, the risk of the virus is minimal without co-morbidities. Given that this is a new sort of vaccine, there may be long term risks but in the long term, I am dead anyway.

  11. Dang thing looks like it’d take at least half an hour to fake.

    If I printed one on a t-shirt I’d put “Must eat brains” under it, because that’s what it’ll eventually come to…

  12. I wonder how long it will take the “Amigos” down on the corner to come up with WuFlu “papers”? After all, they can provide Driver’s Licenses, Soc-Sec cards, etc.; Vac-Cards should be a piece-of-cake.

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