Words Of Wisdom

From Professor Glenn Reynolds, Blogfather of us all:

“Of course, there’s no action so vile that you can’t find an academic to defend it.”

I’m reminded of the old one:

“Whenever there’s a Communist boot stomping on a face, there’s always an affluent liberal to point out that the face has free medical care and education.”



From her lair deep in the wilds of Berkshire in Britishland, Mrs. Sorenson (a.k.a. “The Catholic” on these pages) sends me the following Bad Things:

Sweeney Todd Pies

…and The Royal Berkshire Shooting School:

I’d sell my first-born to go Over There to partake of both but the Son&Heir, no doubt sensing my plans for his future, has been making himself scarce of late so I’m thwarted at every turn.

What makes it worse is that I was a guest of the Sorensons at RBSS many years ago, and it was spectacular fun.  Here I am, shooting the leaves off the tops of the trees:

…and here’s Mrs. Sor, firing a shotgun for the first time in her life:

Note the close personal attention, a reassuring hand placed on her shoulder by young Jason, her instructor.  (We had to drag her out of there, unsurprisingly.)

I am not exaggerating when I say that if I had the moolah, I would repeat that exercise at least once a year for the rest of my life — as well as going to the Barbury School in Wiltshire in the company of Mr. Free Market (as per my last visit Over There):

And to return to the very first pic:  I’ve never tasted Sweeney Todd’s pies.

Maybe next year, when the Chinkvirus bullshit has disappeared… [sigh]