Take ‘Em

From a Lefty Canuckipol:

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party in the Canadian parliament, has called on Justin Trudeau to accept any ethnic minority person from the United States who comes to Canada claiming asylum because President Trump has made the country unsafe.

Oh be still, my beating heart.  Hell, we’ll even supply the buses, trains and airliners for the asylum-seekers.

Sorry, FredZ.  But we’d welcome you and other Canucki conservatives of your ilk in return — the buses etc. can just bring you back on their return trip (after the necessary fumigation, of course).  And yes, your guns would be quite welcome.  (Offer not valid for anyone from Toronto, or people who prefer to speak French over English.)

I think that sounds fair.


  1. Kim sed: “Hell, we’ll even supply the buses, trains and airliners for the asylum-seekers.”
    Don’t waste money.
    Simply aim the cuck toward the target then jam a workboot in it’s ass and it will take off like a rocket.
    I mean, srsly, Trump has made the country unsafe?
    It requires a plainly demented brain to think that way.
    That speaker is so brain damaged that it can’t be repaired and is doomed to damage others unless it is eradicated. If you got the rope I got the trailer hitch.

    1. Actually, I was originally going to suggest cattle cars, but no doubt someone is going to have a problem with that.

  2. WOW! Best idea I’ve heard in a long time. We have such an influx of Canadian Snowbirds every year when the cold winds start to blow up north, the increase won’t be noticed much.

    One last trip south for the motorhomes. When you get here, find an HOA-approved place to park them, turn off your left-turn indicator, and step out into God’s fine sunshine.

  3. Thanks for the invite, and don’t think I haven’t thought of it already. A lot.

    My older son works for an American engineering contracting firm building huge stuff in the oil-patch. If he gets transferred to the US, and that looks more and more likely, I’ll be calling you on advice on what’s the nicest part of Texas, by which I mean the coolest.

    1. You want cool, just hop over the border to Montana. If you’re looking for cool in Texas… oy. There are NO cool parts down here.

      1. I was afraid of that. The older I get the more I appreciate cool weather.

        As for Montana, I’m 20 miles from the Roosville border crossing right now, visit Montana often but currently Covid barred from shopping or pubbing in Eureka or Kalispell. Grrrrr.

        But it’s too much like Alberta. Alberta and Montana and Albertans and Montanans are very similar. I feel like a change.

  4. As a member of Canuckistan, I appreciate the offer. Wish I could convince the wife to go along with it. Considering that the Grabberment is trying to take as many firearms as possible it would be nice to live in a country where I wouldn’t be restricted.

  5. Ohhh, but wait until the pussies that escaped north to the wonderment of Canada, discover that winter begins in September and ends in May. In that time it is F’ing COLD up there. Cold like they’ve never even imagined. They will leave the basement of mommies house & travel to a liberal’s dream politically.
    BUT its F’ing COLD with COLD winds blowing.
    Not only that, but there are a lot of good firearms owning folks up there. My friend is a Canadian national champion with his rifle and competes all over the world. (Please don’t tell Trudeau that he exists)

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