Sensible Enough

I note that some of the Euro airlines are going to mandate that passengers wear face masks for the entire journey, which seems somewhat excessive given that they’ve (finally) got round to installing HEPA air filters to clean the recirculated air.

The main danger of infection is not through the air, but in touching the surfaces inside the aircraft — given how shoddily these are typically cleaned, if at all.

Based on thousands of hours imprisoned in these winged cigar tubes, I would suggest that what people really need to do is carry many sterilized wipes with them, and clean as thoroughly as possible areas like seatbelt buckles, tray tables and armrests — the places that people touch with their filthy hands and (yes) feet.

Oh, and ALWAYS bring your own food, especially on long-haul flights (I wrote about my choices here).  That way, you’re assured of eating exactly what you want and not being compelled by hunger to eat airline food [pause to let the nausea go away]  and even have emergency food if you’re stuck on the plane or in the airport for longer than expected.

If you have to fly, that is.  I don’t see myself doing so until next year.  (Mr. Free Market has hinted at a high-bird shoot in Dorset in Fall 2021…)


  1. There is a huge disincentive to commercial flight nowadays. The security theater at the airport is bad enough, and now this. Having last traveled about six weeks ago, I am in no rush to fly anywhere for any reason.

    Friends driving back to Maine from Florida were not allowed to stay in a hotel in Delaware en route!

    When will this madness end?

  2. “…bring your own food…”

    Yes, yes of course. The land of obesity MUST have a continuous food conveyor belt every where. And cup holders, throw down water bottles. Their hands look like 2 backhoes shoveling it in.

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