And A Nation Yawns

…that nation, of course, being the United States when it comes to the Snooze Fest known as Formula 1, who have just announced the new F1 calendar for the 2020 season.

Twenty-two races (up from twenty), with seven back-to-back weekend races (F1 Grand Prix are usually spaced two weekends apart)… as one comedian noted in the comments:  just more races not to watch.

And Hanoi?  WTF were they thinking?  F1 couldn’t even get the South Korean Grand Prix to break even, and that’s in a Third World country that isn’t  a post-Communist shithole.

I had to laugh when I read another comment which suggested Johannesburg’s Kyalami track.  The main reason that F1 doesn’t go to South Africa anymore is that it would be the only venue where the cars could be carjacked during the race itself.  (That said, Kyalami is a brilliant track — I saw the late Niki Lauda win there, back when the teams were racing Fred Flintstone cars, comparatively speaking.  But the races were still more exciting than today’s.)

That said, I’m starting to lose enthusiasm for my lifelong passion — and if I can lose it, a lot more people aren’t going to take it on.

Sic semper res taedia.


  1. We’ve had some thrilling races this season, especially with the new talent – Leclerc, Versappen, Norris, et al – starting to make their marks. Tha last one, Spa, was tense right until the end. Yes, there are too many snooze-fests – and Herman Tilke carries much of the blame – but most of them aren’t.

    1. Best part of the Belgian last week was that all Max Verstappen’s loud, idiot fans were silenced before the end of the first lap.

  2. I quit watching racing years ago. If you go to the race, the cars are just a blur. If you watch it on TV, the commentary and “all wrecks all the time” is infuriating.

  3. I’ve been following F1 for over 50 years, I was annually trekking to Watkins Glen every year until the BOG behavior became grossly obnoxious. F1 has had its ups and downs, recently the race at Paul Ricard was a snooze fest. The ones following have been good to outstanding. That is if you are NOT a Ferrari fanboy.
    The new talent coming up is both refreshing and those kids are fast. The old guard, yeah, those old drivers are in their 30’s! It is interesting to observe experience and treachery triumph over youth and enthusiasm. But sooner or later – – – – -.

    1. The article refered to Nascar’s new policy as an example of – “split the baby”
      More like shat the bed. Now roll over and enjoy the stink.
      Buh-bye from Bubba!

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