Breaking News From The Orgasm Front

So men use women’s orgasms to pump up [sic] their masculine ego. Oh for fuck’s sake [sic etiam]. Also from the article:

[These tools] also mention another sexist orgasm trope: women feeling pressured to fake orgasms in order to appease a male partner, or in their words, “to protect men’s feelings.” For women who have sex with male partners, the pressure to orgasm is a relatable feeling. Hence all the faking that we know is going down in hetero bedrooms all over the country.

Here’s the Big News Of The Day: Most men don’t care if women fake their orgasms. I think I gave up worrying about that when I turned 22. I’m not interested in trying to divine whether Milady is having a bona fide Big Moment, or whether she’s trying for the Orgasm Oscar — frankly, I’m probably having too good a time myself to worry about it. And if there’s, shall we say tertiary evidence, then so much the better:

And for the umpteenth time: can we not find something more interesting to talk about?


  1. *sigh*
    Feminists crack me up. Let me get this straight – regarding their sexual pleasure: wanting to is bad, not wanting to is bad, failing to is bad, and succeeding is also bad, you ego-driven bastards.

  2. Oldest biker joke I know:
    Q: How can you tell when a woman is having an orgasm?

    A: Who the hell cares?

    Yes, yes, I know; misogynist, racist, hateful, bigoted, all that. In fact, it’s so hideously awful, I’d bet Trump himself told that one once. I DENOUNCE MYSELF.

    Okay, a bonus biker joke: Why do women have periods?

    Answer that one yourselves; I will try not to squirm with sinister glee while I await responses. I have several more just like ’em, in case any of you haters are interested.

    1. LOL Mike. Yeah, this website is just FULL of haters… if you’re a feministical or liberal. Otherwise, it’s just us normal folks.
      Good to see you again, buddy.

      1. Likewise, Kim. So sorry for your loss; believe me, I KNOW how badly it hurts. But it’s good to have you back again just the same, and I wish you every bit of joy you can wring out of life as you keep on keeping on. In the end, that’s all we can do; I spent a whole lot of time trying to make sense of my own loss before I realized hell, there AIN’T no sense in it. All we can do is resist being bitter about what we lost, and try to remain grateful for what we had. If you can do that, well, hell, you’ve won–and won beyond anybody or anything’s ability to ever disrupt or even touch. Nothing but the best to you, my brother.

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