5 Worst Things You Can Say To A Defeated Opponent

Ranked in ascending order of bad sportsmanship:

  • “Neener!  Neener!”
  • “I guess paying off the referee didn’t help you that much, did it?”
  • “Hey, never mind… after all, your side had the prettier uniforms!”
  • “Imagine what would have happened if I’d played you right-handed!”
  • “Yeah, yours was the moral victory. And that moral is:  in future, don’t play against someone so much better than you! 

Your suggestions in Comments;  the meaner the better.


5 Worst Things To Hear From Your Boss

From the depths of Corporatocracy, in ascending order of frightfulness:

  • “There’s not enough in the budget for the bonus we promised you”
  • “You’ll have to spend six months at the new client’s office in Des Moines while we get the business settled”
  • “HR wants to talk to you”
  • “Our new CEO has a Harvard MBA”

…and the absolute worst thing your boss could ever say to you:

  • “Meet LaShonda, our new VP of Diversity Awareness”

Your additions in Comments. Graphic language and seditious thoughts are not only allowed, they’re encouraged.

5 Worst Advertising Slogans

Some of these may not be actual slogans as used by the brands; but to quote Dan Rather, they’re “fake but accurate”:

  • “Yes, They’re Awful. But Look How Many We’ve Sold”  (McDonalds)
  • “To you, it’s a journey to your dream vacation. To us, you’re just two-legged cargo on a cheapskate budget”  (any airline nowadays)
  • “When It Absolutely, Positively, Has To Get There Sometime”  (US Postal Service)*
  • “When Your Dick Is Too Small” (Lamborghini)
  • “Endorsed by Kim Kardashian” (any product on the planet)

Your suggestions in Comments.

*I received my Jan 2018 SHOT Show credentials last week, by Priority Mail.