Adding Reality

I am a HUGE fan of the guys at 9-Hole Reviews, but the FR-F1 / GIGN Loyoda show is the best by far.

Yes, Henry Chan is a brilliant distance shooter — I mean, clearing the entire course of fire out to 800 yards using only a single box of cheap inconsistent PPU ammo* and a horrible French 4x (#4 German post) scope is nothing short of miraculous.  And his analysis of the Loyoda engagement is also excellent.  All shooter-analysts should be that good.

Well done, guys — and keep them coming.

Black Friday Stuff

Wait, that didn’t work.  What didn’t I do?  Oh yes, add some whiteness:

That’s better.  The ammo is from AmmoMan, the handguns and long guns are at Palmetto State Armory.

And just in case you need a few more options, there are these from Outdoor Supplies:

…just in case anyone didn’t get their Ammo Day purchases done.

Reminder:  I get no kickbacks from anyone.

HOWEVER:  if some kind (and generous, and wealthy) soul from one of the above outlets does want to send me one of these for Christmas …

…the link is in the pic.  (I’ve wanted to own a CZ 75B — just like the one in the pic — forever.)

Kim’s Black Friday Half-Dozen – Rifles

Collectors Firearms is publicizing their Black Friday Sale, and I thought I’d shuffle over to the Curio & Relic (C&R) department to see which caught my fancy.  (Not that I can afford any of them, of course, but the 20% discounts being offered make these rifles at least reachable for anyone with a few hundred buck or so to spare.)  Links in description.

Mosin M44 Trunk Gun

Schmidt-Rubin K31 (with bayonet)

Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk1

Brno Mauser K98k

Remington ’03-A3

Venezuela Mauser K98k

And a bonus:  Schmidt-Rubin K11
…because its forged action just sounds better than the K31’s cast action.

Honorable mention:  Chilean Banner Mauser, which looks lovely but is still priced too high, even with the discount.

Anyway, they’re all worth a look.

All the pistols, with the possible exception of the Colt 1903, are too damn spendy.  Collectors only.

Cartridge Comparison

From Rifleshooter magazine comes this even-handed look at the two “sevens”:  the 7x57mm Mauser, and the 7mm-08 Rem.  I’ve shot plenty of both, and agree with everything Scott Rupp says.

However, I’m always going to come down on the side of the 7×57, and those who know me will know quite well why.  As Rupp summarizes:



    • History, history, history
    • Case taper produces excellent feeding
    • Uniqueness counts


    • Not a short action, not really a long action
    • Can’t match the 7mm-08’s ballistics
    • Ammo, gun availability are poor

Actually, the last is true only if you’re looking for new rifles (although Mauser, unsurprisingly, offers it in their M98 line, but it’s nosebleed-spendy).

If you don’t care about that “new” requirement — and for someone who loves the “history, history, history”  thing it’s a feature, not a bug — there’s always the mil-surp market and its “re-stocked” tributary (like this example) which offer many choices.  (I have a special affection for the Oviedo rifles, as I took my very first deer with one.)  By the way, CZ used to offer the 7x57mm in its now-discontinued 550 line, so there’s always a chance you’ll find one in the second-hand market, if you’re alert — when one does occasionally appear for sale it disappears quickly, so clearly I’m not the only one who loves the old cartridge.

Then there’s the “customized” sector, exemplified by offerings such as this one at Steve Barnett:

Expect to pay a lot for a customized rifle at the hands of, say, Gary Goudy, but it’s all good.  (I lie awake dreaming about this one, by the way:  it’s a lottery rifle.)

Finally, unless you’re picky about such things, there’s nothing wrong with the old green-box Remington PSP 7×57 cartridge:  it works well on any deer, as I can personally attest, and its only disadvantage is scarcity and therefore price.  But it’s a hunting cartridge, so you’re not going to shoot off thousands of rounds anyway — although both Prvi Partizan (PPU) and Sellior & Bellot also offer it, usually for less than a buck per round.  (Remington’s Pointed Soft Point is at least double that.)

As for the 7mm-08?  I like it just fine — in fact, given my druthers, I’d choose this cartridge over the .308 Win — and as Rupp points out, new rifles chambered thusly are all over the place.  The shorter action helps, and the recoil is very manageable.  Here’s the Sako 101 Classic, for starters:

…which would make just about any gun-lover’s short list.  And, of course, there’s the Savage 110 for the cheapskate budget-conscious shooter:

…which I would be quite happy to take on any hunt.

My, how I do ramble on.  Here’s the summary.

History vs. modern.  The choice is yours, and neither is a bad one.

‘Nother Quick Reminder

From our friends at, just in time for National Ammo Day this weekend:

I know I know, compared to Days Of Yore these prices are of the nasal ex-sanguination genre;  but as I pointed out earlier this week, prices are not going to drop anytime soon, if ever.  And buying in bulk now means that when .45 ACP costs $5 per pull, you’ll have sufficient supplies on hand to keep practicing.