My old friend bronchitis has come to visit me again, courtesy of Beloved Granddaughter, who has managed to infect both her father and mother as well — so la famille du Toit is not a Happy Place at the moment, with barking-dog coughs and such all over the place.

New Wife, who works at a preschool, has an immunity system like tempered steel, so she has to do the Florence Nighringale thing for everybody.

Once again, light posting for a day or so… sorry.

Monday Funnies

Here we go, into the week again:

So let’s get really painful.

This reminds me of the range where I used to shoot, until the pre-adolescent range safety Nazis got a little too much:

Time for a Modern Classic:

And finally, speaking of furrin womens…

Here’s what “pulling the train” means on Lesbos:

From Germany:

…and France:

Now head back off to your job…

Classic Beauty: Dorothy Mackaill

One of not many actresses to make the transition from silent movies to the talkies, Brit-born Dorothy Mackaill got her start as a dancer in Paris, then graduated to be a Ziegfeld Girl.

Then she moved to Hollywood, and the woman-hating hairdressers got hold of her:

…but they never managed to submerge her beauty completely.

At the ripe old age of 52, Dorothy quit the movies, moved to Hawaii, and lived out the rest of her life in the luxury Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki beach, swimming in the sea every day until she died.

And who can argue with that?