Quote Of The Day

From some medical bloke:

“You can still get COVID, potentially [after having been vaccinated]. But if you do get it, it’s not severe at all.”

As it happens, I was just chatting with Mr. Free Market yesterday, and he informed me that he’d been diagnosed with the Delta-‘Rona.

When I asked him what it was like, the answer was:  “Rugby club hangover.  Piece of cake.”  (Translation:  you feel like utter crap for about twenty four hours, then much better on day two, and by day three you’re back to swilling Ginger Macs, just with a bit of a cough — which is where he was when I spoke to him.)

In other words:  it’s like a bronchial flu.

Carry on.


  1. Yeah, a buddy of mine woke up Saturday feeling like crap, went in to the hospital to get checked that night, started feeling better by noon at Sunday, was basically back to normal by the time they told him he had Corona on Monday.

    His only real symptoms were muscle aches and some fever. No cough, nothing.

    1. He has muscle aches and some fever so he goes to the hospital??? This country is so cucked….

      Christ I have that stuff everyday and it never occurred to me to go to a medical facility. I don’t have time for silliness. sheesh

  2. More better….apparently where D has appeared (India, GBR etc) it rampages thru the population for 6 weeks then abates. Of course what everyone fails to note is if you are older, or with underlying disease you just might die. Carry on …

  3. I’m a bit familiar with “no vaccine is 100%”: I had a minor to medium case of the whooping cough, despite being fully vaccinated against it (sick, but no hospital), and Little Miss got a chronic case of it that doctors failed to diagnose because she’d just had her shot a year before. The local health department denied that there was an outbreak then (and IMHO, took steps to hide it) because it was brought here by illegal immigrants.

    I stand by my reasoning for getting the J&J jab earlier in the year (my risk assessment for the vaccine is slightly positive), while I also completely support youngsters not getting it. For the latter, unless there’s an underlying condition causing risk, the currently unstudied but definitely there risks of the vaccine IMHO outweigh the benefits that young people generally don’t need anyway.

  4. Tomorrow’s Earworm:

    “Carry On Wayward Son,” by Kansas. One of Rick Beato’s best WMTSG at about episode 104.

    1. I was thinking that the earworm should be The Knack’s “Delta-Rona”, but then, I used to aggravate my brother by thinking up new lyrics for the songs he played incessantly on the radio or stereo.

  5. Meanwhile, the experts, medical professionals, public health officials, dimocrats, dingbats, Hollywood luminaries and assorted other mental deficients are howling, screeching, as loud as they can that the end of the world is upon us!
    The world is descending into covid hell. We’re all gonna die! Its all YOUR fault you vaccer naysayers and assorted other non believers.
    “Stand in line! OBEY our diktat. Learn to follow our orders! Failure to OBAY will result in punishment beyond your worst imagination. OBEY, OBAY , OBAY!
    Turn in your guns too.”

    1. In 2020 I worked in a urologists office and the office manager lost. her. freaking. mind. over COVID. All critical thinking, logic and reason left her pathetic little head. She became a stuttering cluster fuck of a miserable failure very quickly and so did the “higher ups.” A Sneeze would trigger her response, “get your temperature taken” and “do you have COVID?” it was utterly unbearable.

      I don’t know why the rest of the medical industry has jumped on the paranoia band wagon.

      When I had Chinese COVID this past February, it was certainly unpleasant but it was survivable. What is not tolerable is the constant chattering of the insufferable chicken little class. They need to be bound and gagged.


  6. I’ll continue to take my chances. I’m 71 but have no underlying conditions. I’m not anti-vax in general but when the vax first came out, it was like a game of Pokemon Go to get the two jabs and that totally put me off. As long as my employer doesn’t require it, I’m doing without. The media would have everyone believe that the “Bring out your dead” carts are roaming the streets here, in South Florida, but they are not. I check the “official” numbers every morning and, no, I do not trust any of the numbers but, The death toll has risen about 125 since this D variant started here in a county of 1.7 million people, So, yawn. Doesn’t matter much though. If it’s my time, it’s my time. I thank my lucky stars I live in the free state of Florida. Governor DeSantis has his hands full playing whack-a-mole with defiant city mayors but he generally prevails.

    So many front line hospital workers refusing the vax does spark my curiosity.

    1. I’m grateful for Operation Warp Speed but no one has been able to tell me exactly what short cuts were taken to bring the vaccines to market. Also, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine now carries lots of warnings and caution labels to it. How about the other ones? Is this still safe? They haven’t convinced me that it is safe or effective. Lately we hear that even vaccinated sheep, er patients, can still catch the delta variation of COVID. Now why would I take an ineffective medication or vaccination?

      You need to convince me or force me. They haven’t convinced me to take the franken vaccine and if they are going to force it on me, well, molon labe.


      1. The vaccination is beginning to sound about as effective as a tetanus shot. Get one now, before you need it, it will protect you, but if you stick yourself –err — get a cold, get the jab again.

      2. The MAJOR shortcut was lack of testing. Testing for a new vaccine
        can and usually does take years. But we had to have these new
        fixes TODAY so that Joltin’ Joe could be our savior. That
        worked out exactly as planned but then what does ?
        No pharmaceutical company, to my knowledge, has EVER come out with a new drug without warnings, limitation, cautions etc. ESPECIALLY
        for children – hell, even aspirin and tylenol have warnings.
        Also, this current batch has legal protection against lawsuits which was
        put into place FIRST, so no worries about being sued,
        so, give it to EVERYONE !
        Re an earlier poster – I too can’t figure out WHY most of the medical
        establishment is behind this push to get everybody ‘vaccinated’.
        It’s almost as if they know that since the Federal gov’t will eventually take over and CONTROL EVERY ASPECT of the
        medical industry in this country, eventually they are
        ALL going to be, in one form or another, wait for it –
        federal employees and so they may as well ‘get with the program’ now !

  7. What with the cluster of super-spreader covid at that Whataburger in Texas, commonly known as a “Red State”, and other clusters in South Florida, I have wondered if all the additional Covid in the States run by Republicans are the result of a Plague- era Fast and Furious program, as it were, since the Republican Governors are the ones saying the worthless masks are unnecessary.

    We know that people are coming across the border in numbers impossible to house near where they are apprehended/report for processing. The Whataburger case shows the Feds are shipping the torrent of new pre-documentation trespassers from south of the border and places as far away as Ghana, Pakistan and mainland China. As with the Whataburger case, there are hotels rented out exclusively to the undocumented illegal entrants. The Feds would feel no obligation to inform the local authorities (holders of whatever authority remains to them to hold) of the presence of hundreds of untested. unvaccinated people with bronchial infections.

  8. Our daughter lives in Sydney, Australia. The entire state of New South Wales is currently in “lockdown”, and has been for the past few weeks. Authorities are now saying this lockdown will probably continue until December or beyond. So far, there have been two deaths — one an 80+-year-old and the other a 27-year-old male who died of a heart attack, but is list as a “covid death”. This has gone beyond a f***ing joke! My wife and I have serious concerns for the mental health of our daughter, who lives by herself in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment just outside the Sydney CBD.

    Here in Western Australia, we have had one male FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) worker return a “very, very weak” positive test; so weak the genome type can’t be deduced. Our “esteemed” Premier is looking at locking us down because of it.

    This country that I love has gone to the dogs; it is no longer a democracy. A 78-y-o woman was arrested by the police while legally exercising (jogging/walking), within her allowed radius from home, because she had a handwritten sign around her neck criticising the government. Police told her she was NOT exercising, but “protesting”, which has been made illegal! (Truly, it has.)

    Poor fellow, my country.

    1. Addendum: Six (SIX!!) positive test results in Victoria and the Premier has locked down the entire State for 7 days!

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