Quite Right

All sorts of trouble has come out of this:

A Danish politician claimed she was told her baby daughter was ‘not welcome’ in the parliament’s main chamber.
Far-right speaker Pia Kjaersgaard allegedly ordered Conservative politician Mette Abildgaard to remove her five-month-old baby from the room.
The mother, who is in her 30s, said she had never brought her daughter to work before, but she had to so that day because her father could not take care of her.

And Mr. Speaker is absolutely right.  When did it become acceptable for mommies to bring their brats into everywhere?  (I don’t even like seeing young children in bars, and the thought of a baby in the Parliament building… good grief.)

And the mommy in question had the absolute gall to say this:

Mrs Abildgaard also added she is entitled to a year’s maternity leave with full salary from the Parliament.

And you didn’t take it… why?  Surely the whole point of maternity leave is so that by the time it ends, the parent is capable of leaving the child in the care of someone not its parent.

This is total bullshit.  Maternity is a wonderful thing — but it’s not everything, and proud parents need to get a grip on that fact and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them and their offspring.

Is it too early for gin?

Only When It’s Hot

To the surprise of absolutely nobody with a brain, it turns out that so-called “green” energy sources are a complete fuck-up in cold regions, e.g. Minnesoduh, as seen during the most recent polar vortex storm of 2019.

Many [Socialists], including U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and several presidential candidates, support a Green New Deal, which would phase out the use of all coal, natural gas, and oil and replace them with green energy. Proving just how wrongheaded those policies are, solar and wind power performed very poorly during the storm while coal, natural gas, and nuclear power helped keep the lights and heat on for the vast majority of people.
Just how bad was green energy’s performance during the storm? In an area stretching from Minnesota to Iowa, wind turbines went from supplying about half of the electricity one day to providing less than 3 percent the next. What caused this dramatic swing in energy output? Most turbines automatically shut down once temperatures reach -20 degrees. Even worse, not only did the turbines stop producing power, but they also consumed power for heat to avoid damage. Solar energy production also collapsed. Due to snow cover, Xcel Energy’s solar panels only produced eight to ten percent of their potential output. [emphasis added]

Here’s my suggestion.  Limit all this Green energy production to Africa, where (unlike Oklahoma), the sun shines every single day and the wind, when it does blow, blows mostly in a hot climate.  Of course, with the African continent’s legendary record of equipment maintenance and security (Cliff Notes:  never happens), the wind turbines will soon fall over and the solar panels will be stolen.

Or we could just consign all this Green bullshit (and its proponents like AOC and Al Gore) to the Dumpster Of Historical Failures, and get back to dealing with reality instead of wasting our time on unicorn ranching.

Whitey Not Wanted Here Either

Only in the Diversity Hell that is modern academia can such a thing occur:

“Refusing Institutional Whiteness: Possibilities, Alternatives, and Beyond”

…with the kicker:

“Whiteness continues to be a crucial problem in our English department.”

Also English, but that’s no doubt the topic of next  month’s seminar.

To put this into perspective, let’s just imagine a statement: “Blackness continues to be a crucial problem in our Blues Studies department.”

Or we don’t imagine anything, but instead just make the necessary preparations.

So Much For That Idea

Among the gun-controller / -abolitionist crowd, we often hear the tripe trope that “Guns should be kept at gun clubs, which should be the only place you get to shoot them” and “All gun owners should be registered members of gun clubs”, and so on, all to do with how wonderful gun clubs are in terms of controlling gun use and allowing only lawful shooting.  This, supposedly, will help end illegal gun use by criminals / terrorists / Trump supporters etc.

Then we see this little snippet:

Christchurch terror suspect ‘was member of New Zealand gun club where he practised shooting SAME AR-15 rifles used in horrific mosque massacres that left 49 dead’

…and another cherished little belief goes up in flames.

Gun clubs, and the restrictions attached thereto, do as much to stop random acts of violent crime as any of the other nostrums proposed by gun controllers, i.e. practically nothing.

So stop that shit.  You’re not fooling anyone except others of your own ilk.

Afterthought:  I would point out that this asshole, who was captured in the very act of his villainy, is no more a “suspect” than I’m a Democrat, but that’s an argument for another time.