Call To Action

Read this post.  Read every damn word of it.  And take heed of this:

“Right now, through November 2020, every day is Saint Crispin’s Day.”

And by the way, I see my local Congressweasel Van Taylor is among the list of bastards who sided with the Socialists against the President.

He will be hearing from me, in no uncertain terms.

“Cold Anger”?  Try red-hot fury.

I for one cannot wait until November 2020, when we’ll see if everything that’s been said about Forgotten America is true.

Serious Question

Is it just me, or is every Socialist / Democrat 2020 candidates’ debate just turning into a competition to see who can go “fullest” Communist?

“We need to register all assault rifles and their owners!”
“No, we’re going to restrict sales of AR-15 assault rifles!”
“No, we’ll make them all illegal!”
“No,we’ll go from door to door and forcibly confiscate them!”
“No,we’ll summarily execute anyone who even owns one!”

(That last one hasn’t actually been said yet, but there are still several more debates to come.)

“We’re going to limit the salaries of corporate executives!”
“No, we’re going to tax corporations at 95%!”
“No, we’re going to confiscate the retirement funds of the wealthy!”
“No, we’re going to tax net wealth as well as income!”
“No, we’re going to abolish capitalism altogether!”

Or there’s the usual climate bullshit:

“We need to close all coal-burning power stations!”
“We need to convert the nation to electric cars and public transport!”
“We need to abolish private transportation altogether!”
“We need to use solar- and wind-power exclusively to generate electricity!”


“There are too many people in our jails!”
“We need to release all non-violent felons!”
“We need to release a whole bunch of Black felons so that the prison population can better resemble the racial profile of the nation!”

(No doubt, the empty jail cells would soon be filled with former owners of AR-15s and AK-47s, which would suit these assholes just fine.)

As for medical (“health”) care:

“We need to reinstate ObamaCare!”
“No, we need to make health care free to everybody who can’t afford it, including illegal immigrants undocumented visitors!”
“No, we need to abolish private medical insurance altogether!”
“No, we need to copy Britain’s National Health Service and offer free medical care to anyone who comes here!”

“We should open our borders to anyone who feels in the slightest bit oppressed in their home country!”
“We should open our borders to anyone who is poor in their home country!”
“Everyone in the world has a right to come to the United States!”

I could go on, but I think you get my drift.  No policy is too stupid, or costly, or oppressive, or unworkable that it hasn’t been enthusiastically accepted, supported and made still more  stupid, costly and oppressive by the inhabitants of the Clown Car.

An intelligent person has to be appalled at the thought of any of these ineffectual dilettantes becoming POTUS and sitting down to negotiate with the feral Communists of China, the fanatical Muslims of the Middle East or even the “soft” socialists of Europe.  Like has-been POTUS Urkel, they will probably espouse the failed diplomatic policy of America as the problem, not the solution;  and none of them will be interested in getting tough with our overseas competitors and enemies.

From their stated positions, however, it is clear that they are quite prepared to get tough with Americans.

It’s Called “Communism”, Dear

FFS, are these clowns serious?

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said the United States may have to eliminate private car ownership to combat climate change during MSNBC’s climate forum at Georgetown University Thursday morning.
He told MSNBC host Ali Velshi that “we might not own our own cars” by 2050 to wean the United States economy off of fossil fuels, describing private car ownership as “really inefficient and bad for the environment.” Privately owned cars would be replaced by a “constant roving fleet of electric cars.”

Ah yes, it’s all about “efficiency” (a recurring motif for totalitarians) and the environment.  And who will be the actual owner of this “constant roving fleet of electric cars”?  You bet it will be the State, either local government or similar.  (And just try to catch one of these electric Noddy cars to go to a gun show… “Forbidden destination;  please choose another.”)

You have to give it to them:  they’re going Full Lenin on this one.  No private ownership of cars, and — duh — no private ownership of guns.  And by the time they’ve implemented inflicted their third Five Year Plan on our economy, nobody* will be able to afford their own house, so we’ll all be living in State-owned apartments.

And Yang is supposed to be one of the moderate clowns?

This isn’t serious public policy;  this is middle-school daydreaming — right up until one of these socialist assholes gets his/her/xeir hands on the levers of power, when blue-sky unicorn-fart dreaming will become the law of the land.

And then the joke will be on the rest of us.

*nobody except the nomenklatura, of course — they’ll still own houses, cars (and probably guns too).


See You In November, Asshole

I did not need to read this.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) told Fox News on Monday that the ability for strangers to sell guns to strangers without a background check is a “loophole” that needs to be addressed.
“I think one of the things, Jon, we have to do in this country is, take a strong look at this ability for people to buy a weapon when they’ve been turned down by a background check. … I believe, as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, we should protect that family transfer or family sale. But any stranger-to-stranger, however — we don’t know how this person got their gun, but we do know that that’s a real loophole in the law. Because I’m a gun owner, I’m never going to sell my gun to someone I don’t know that — do they have a criminal record, are they a danger to other people, are they ready to commit evil? There’s no need for that.”

Fuck you, Patrick.  If I want to sell a gun, I’ll fucking well sell it.  If a guy has been turned down for a prior gun purchase and he then tries to get a gun anyway, then he’s at fault, not I.

And what if he was turned down because a vengeful ex slapped a restraining order on him, just for spite?  Am I supposed to know that, too?

What you and your fuckbuddies in the gun confiscation business call a “loophole”, I call a personal freedom — the freedom to sell my personal property whenever I choose to do so.  If the buyer turns around and commits a crime afterwards, that’s not my fault  — just as it’s not the (FFL) gun dealer’s fault when a “legal” gun buyer turns round and murders someone.  In both cases, the actual perpetrator caused the problem, not the seller.  

As someone who wants to sell a gun, I have a right to ask the prospective buyer if he has a carry permit, and the right to refuse to sell him my gun if he doesn’t have one.  That’s the right you want to turn into an obligation?  Bite me.  If you want me to perform a “background check” on someone, go ahead and deputize me.  Otherwise, stay the hell out of my business.

Wait, here’s a thought:  why don’t you and your politician buddies pass legislation that automatically grants every concealed-carry permit-holder a FFL?  Then we’d have  to perform background checks each time we sold a gun (except to other CHL holders, of course).  Go on, I dare you.

And stop listening to the screams and wails to “do something”.  That “something” that they want you to do is going to piss off a lot of people who might otherwise have voted for you.  Like me.

Dead But Not Forgotten, Alas

Oh fer gawd’s sake.  Here we go with the John McCain Image Rehabilitation Project:

Cindy McCain marked the one-year anniversary of her husband John McCain’s death with a string of rebukes to Donald Trump and his leadership of the Republican Party.
She told ABC News there is no one in the GOP to carry on her husband’s mantle and be a ‘voice of reason’ for the Republican Party.

I have great respect for the fact that she’s McCain’s widow and therefore loyal to his memory.  Unfortunately, my memories of her late husband are not so rosy, e.g. when he had the deciding vote on legislation which would have killed ObamaCare, he voted against it, thus:


I will also never forgive nor forget the many times McCain stabbed Republicans in the back — including especially Bush 43, to whom he had lost in the 2000 primaries — simply so that he could curry favor with the fucking Democrats and the media [lots of overlap].

The hell with him, and  his nonexistent “voice of reason”.  “Spiteful” describes the late senator from Arizona better than any other adjective.  (Feel free to add your  suggested adjectives in Comments.)

Giving In To The Commies

Dear President Trump,

“Doing something about guns” according to the wishes of the media would be an even grosser betrayal of your 2016 supporters than not building a wall along the southern border has been.

We all — even the media — know that “doing something” in this regard means, in essence, increasing control over law-abiding gun owners which will do nothing to solve crime of any sort.

I, and most gun owners who voted for you back in 2016, know that your efforts to build a wall were undercut by the Establishment Republicans and Democrats in Congress.  More ineffectual gun control legislation and the concomitant assaults on our Constitutional rights, however, will place at risk not only your chances of reelection in 2020, it will place the electoral success of the Republican senators and House legislators in a similar situation.

We are not fooled, and we will not be fooled, by the current demands to “do something”.  Try to convince us that you won’t be fooled either.

And yes, this is a warning.


Kim du Toit