Monday Funnies

Good grief:  like the tides, the Mondays just keep on coming.

So here’s to Mondays:

…and enjoy a small antidote thereto:

And for our Monday morning dose of exquisite beauty, here’s Spanish hottie Penelope Cruz:

5 Worst Places To Lose Your Car Keys

Ranked in order of foulness / inconvenience:

  • inside your mistress’s apartment when you have to get home quickly to take your daughter to her school ballet performance
  • down your kitchen sink when the garbage disposal is running
  • when it’s 1am and you’re inside a parking garage in downtown Johannesburg
  • down a public toilet in Mumbai, India
  • inside a Kardashian.

Your suggestions in Comments.

Monday Funnies

Oh nooooooooooooooo it’s Monday…

So get better with these:

Nice to know they care… and speaking of caring:

I think we’ve all been there.

And speaking of idiots:

And finally:

And for our Monday morning pick-me-up:


“Oh Kim,”  my Lady Readers moan, “you’re always showing boobs and beautiful women and such for the men;  how about a couple of pics for us girls?”

As I have no idea what makes a man attractive to women — or to be more concise, I have no idea how a woman’s mind works when it comes to what moistens their panties — I thought long and hard about this request.  I happen to know the preferences of a scant few of my Lady Readers because on occasion they’ve let it slip in Comments and emails.

Here’s one for Lady Reader TrueBrit, for example:

But even then I may have got it wrong.  Does she prefer the grizzled (mature) Pitt in the above picture, or is she still into “mothering” (for want of a better word) the Brad Pitt in the Legends Of The Fall era?

Or what about the middle era, in say, Ocean’s 11?

I have no idea.

Similarly, there’s perennial favorite Sean Connery.  How is anyone to know which version of Sean will cause a loosening of a lady’s panty elastic marital vows?

Don’t even get me started on Clinty…

And no doubt I’ll get some flak for having omitted someone like this Flavor-Of-The-Month:

Men are just so much easier to please…