Monday Funnies

Yes, it’s Monday again.  And as it was the Queen’s birthday (Elizabeth II, not Elton John or Barney Frank) over the weekend, here’s a Monday pic of the event:


So here we go.  Today’s theme:  helping you get through the week — OR — reminding yourself why you’re having such a difficult time getting up today.

…and in the same vein:

But my favorite for the week is:

That’s class right there, and I won’t hear otherwise.


A new Nordic lifestyle trend has encouraged people to strip down to their underwear when they get home and drink as a form of relaxation.
‘Päntsdrunk’ is a self-care phenomenon that encourages ‘a path to solitary relaxation, recovery and self-empowerment to help you face your future challenges,’ according to a book entitled Päntsdrunk: The Finnish Path to Relaxation.

Hanging around the house in yer undies, drinking booze… round here, that’s called “Every Day”, and we’ve been doing it for decades.  Glad it’s finally been recognized for the important custom that it is.