Monday Funnies

Yup, Monday’s come calling again:

And so, on to the funnies:

Now that the World Cup 2018 is over, we can sum up about the U.S. attitude towards the game:

And for the Monday Morning Beauty Pick-Me-Up, Salma Hayek:


5 Worst Sex Manuals

Ranked in ascending order of awful:

  • The Antifa Guide To Lovemaking
  • Pulling The Train Without Pain, 3rd edition (Kamala Harris)
  • Rockstar Sex (Nancy Pelosi)
  • Six Great Foreplay Tricks (Hillary Clinton) (illustrated)
  • Helping Uncle José To His Happy Ending (4th Grade Textbook, Los Angeles County School District)

Your suggestions in Comments.


Not Wise

With all due respect to the God-Emperor, I would suggest that giving a million bucks to the Communist Party of the USA is a Bad Idea.  A better idea would be to offer to give the money to the Indian tribe with which her DNA is affiliated.