Quote Of The Day

From Taki’s Magazine:

If there are two categories in which black people outperform nearly everyone else on the planet, those would be sporting events and crime.

Our modern era is no different from other ones, despite our pretensions at civilization.  You can get pilloried, accused and even arrested just for speaking the truth.

Galileo would understand exactly what I’m saying.

News Roundup

Short and sharp, like an assassin’s dagger.  Let’s start with international news:

as opposed to L.A. and NYFC, where shoplifters can take whatever they want without penalty, as long as it’s less than $200 value Which system is better?  I report, you decide.

seems a little redundant — although given the crime, not excessive.

which, considering that such Moroccans make up about 1% of Spain’s population… stop me if you’ve heard something like this before, for other countries involved in the Great Multicultural Experiment.

yup, there’s nothing like fucking up the next generation to make us all feel betterFor our own fuck-up, see below.

which clearly means that cops aren’t to be trusted with guns Disarm The Police !!!!  But the Brits do get some things right.  Seen over London yesterday:

why is this international news?  Because apparently it was sent by some Russian or Ukranian  Canucki , pointing to yet more foreign tampering with our elections.

considering everything that’s gone into Ozzy’s body over the years and not killed him (including Sharon’s tongue), the Chinkvirus probably wouldn’t stand a chance.  (see:  Keith Richards)

And of course, all local news is about replacing some dead judge:

with the expected response:

does anyone remember how the Aryan Nation or KKK threatened violence over the USSC nominations of the Wise Latina Sotomayor or the  Jewish (Ginsburg and Kagan) chicks?  Me neither.

And of course, we’ve heard from Red Nancy, Yoda, Meathead, Hanoi Jane and Obama’s Heydrich on the topic.  In other news, such as it is:

which we all knew it would, especially as ObamaWorld was pushing it.

but I will never be able to look at the word “privilege” again without giggling, thanks to this (found at Knuckledragger’s place):

Har Har Har

Responding to yesterday’s post about Glen Fohdry single malt, Reader Roy waxed rhapsodic about various single malt Scotches, ending with:

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I still like fine bourbon whiskey too.

…which reminded me of the old homo joke:  “Women are okay, but they’re not like the real thing.”

I feel the same way about bourbon.