Extra-Curricular Activities

Okay, that does it:  I am officially jealous of the younger generation, if this kind of thing is going to become commonplace:

An Oklahoma high school teacher was arrested for allegedly having a threesome with a student and another woman inside her home.
Joyce Churchwell, who worked as a volleyball coach at Berryhill High School in Tulsa, first connected with the student over Snapchat and began seeing him at her home last year, News on 6 reported.
The student “admitted that this encounter had taken place at the teacher’s home along with another adult female — a former teacher at the district.”

I mean, a high school kid bonking a nubile young teacher is one thing — but a threesome with another older woman?

Just… damn.

Old Joke

This is the French estate of Vaux-le-Vicomte (right-click to embiggen in another tab):

While impressive, the picture doesn’t do it justice:  past the top of the pic is a series of man-made waterfalls which sends something like half a million gallons of water a day down the hill, where it ends up in the ponds and eventually in the moat which surrounds the main house.  The water is then filtered and pumped back up to the reservoir at the top of the hill, to start its trip back down all over again*.

Anyway, I showed this pic to a friend, who said, “Wow, I’d hate to have to do all the gardening there!”

To which I made the age-old response:  “Nah… give me a dozen Mexicans and I’d do it myself.”

I did warn you in the title…

*If you want to know how it all works, Monty Don explains it in his Netflix show, French Gardens.

Monday Funnies

Okay, it’s Monday ergo  time to get back to work and solve all those problems you postponed last week:

So to distract you from help you with your calculations, a few chuckles:

And seeing as the schools will all have started this week:

Followed by some wisdom from our elders:

And for those winter coughs and sniffles:

And speaking of being mentally fucked up:

So let’s wrap this up with something to erase that last picture from your brains, i.e. a little bit of Marina Sirtis:

Now get out of that chair and get to work.

News Roundup

All the news that’s fit only for a one-liner response.

1) Iran puts $80-million bounty on Donald Trump;  George Lopez offers to have it done for $40 millionand for $20 million, I can get someone to take out George Lopez.  (See how that works?)

2) Ilhan Omar claims Trump will start war to protect his hotels’ incomeand for another $10 million, I can include this traitorous African bitch in the deal.  (Okay, I’ll stop this thread now or we’ll be here all day.)

3) Showbiz phonies upset at being mocked by a chubby Britand a nation yawns.  And speaking of phonies:

4) Prince Ginger and Duchess Slutwife quit the Royalty junketand the world (outside Britishland) yawns.

5) (South) Africa sinkssic semper Africani.  (Africa Wins Again, expressed in classical terms.)

6) CNN gets its pee-pee whacked for ruining an innocent kid’s lifeI hope the (confidential) settlement amount is a jillion bucks, not so much for spite but to make all the other media asshole organizations a little more circumspect in the future.

7) Girl wonder* AOC claims that everybody hates hernah;  she’s the most despised / mocked / ignored… maybe — but hated?  Not worth the effortNow, as for Hillary Bitch Clinton

8) Economy continues to growPaul Krugman hardest hit.  And now, a word from my doctor:

*”wonder” as in, “I wonder how anyone could be that ignorant and stupid?”