Being inhabitants of an island or two, the Brits have always been very much a nation of travelers, but even I have to admit some surprise at the extent of it:

Up to a million Britons are STILL stranded abroad scrambling to return home after countries closed their borders

Indeed, even my Longtime Friends the Sorensons were until recently stranded while out of the country, and only just made it onto the last flight back to Britishland.

Now of course, the country they were stranded in was the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, which admittedly does take some of the sting out of it (pics taken by Mrs. Sor):

(There were more pics, but they’re somewhat personal nay even indelicate, with half-naked Sorensons all over the place, so I’m not publishing them here…)

Here’s the beach near their hotel, lest anyone still needs proof of their dire predicament:

I suspect that Mr. Sor’s deepening panic came not from being unable to get back to Blighty but from the prospect of the hotel running out of gin — entirely understandable, of course, as the thought of being marooned Robinson Crusoe-like on an island with no gin… well, I don’t think I need say any more.

But they’re back home, self-isolating in their historic urban residence, and despite a ready supply of gin they’re not at all happy about being there, for some reason:

Note the “social distancing” of their neighbors…

Monday Funnies

Monday, Self-Isolation Week 3:

So let’s try to find a little humor in our predicament:

On a lighter note:

Make it Southern Comfort, and I’ll spray every fifteen minutes.  One can never be too sure…

I’ve volunteered.

And from Old Texan:

And the last straw:

So to cheer everybody up, some outdoor pics:

Oh wait… you want an outdoor pic with no “social distancing”?  Oh what the hell, why not:

And you have no idea what nearly  went there… it’s getting pretty ragged in this zip code.

News Roundup

…in which I cast a mordant eye at the passing parade:

no kidding, Captain Obvious.  Why else would they propose it?

gimme a pint of fish-tank cleaner with an arsenic chaser while I run a hot bath and get the razor blades ready.  (No link, because I care for my Readers.)

first Illinois and now Connecticut act like they actually believe in the Second Amendment.  Are we in End Times, or am I drinking hallucinogen instead of breakfast gin?

but of course, New Jersey seldom fails to disappoint.

I blame the global climate change movement, because had Spectrum Child not been an insufferable little scold, jetting/sailing all over the world to shout her bullshit at us, this may not have happened.

and men all over the world heave a sigh of relief.

you first, tarty.

Good grief.  The news usually sucks, but it it just me, or is it getting even suckier?


Funniest news item of the day:

“Migrant neighbourhoods in France have risen to the challenge of the Coronavirus crisis by rioting and looting supermarkets.”

More here.


“A shipment of [six million] face masks, ordered by Germany to protect health workers battling the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, has mysteriously vanished in Kenya. It remains unclear whether the batch was stolen or simply misplaced.”

I’ll take “stolen” for $400, Alex.  Africa wins again.

“Dear Dr. Kim”

“Dear Dr. Kim.
“I’m so worried about getting the coronavirus.  What can I do?”

— Paranoid, Chicago

Dear Para:
Do all the stuff that people have been telling you to do:  wash your hands thoroughly and often, cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze, wear a face mask if you’re forced to be in close contact with other people, and don’t touch steel surfaces like handrails without cleaning your hands immediately afterwards.
Oh, and shoot all Chinese people on sight.

— Dr. Kim