Random Thought

Run with me on this one.

Suppose that there were alien life forms out somewhere in the universe, and that they sent out exploratory missions to study life on other planets.  Then they came to our planet, somehow managing to evade all our oh-so sophisticated tracking systems and such, and landed here, where the very first person they encountered was:

There are all sorts of reactions one could imagine, on being faced with Keef for the first time:

  1. Abject terror (“Aaiiiieeee!  Run from the monster!”)
  2. Profound admiration (“Fuck me!  How do these creatures survive with all that toxic shit in their systems?”)
  3. Self-doubt (“Did we colonize this planet already, and just forget about it?”)

Feel free to add your suggestions in Comments.

(Keith’s reaction on seeing the aliens:  “I have got to get me some more of that shit!”)

Father’s Day

As any fule kno, I’m not much for Hallmark holidays (like today).  However, this one’s priceless:

Probably not on United, or else the cabin crew would have given the kid a broken nose by now.

And because I’m relentlessly cynical:

5 Worst Times To Be Without A Gun

Ranked in ascending order of helplessness/need:

  • While in lion / grizzly / snake-infested countryside
  • During a school shooting
  • While driving through any urban paradise featuring public housing
  • Driving along any highway, road or street in Johannesburg
  • When you’re the only person in the room not holding one

Your suggestions in Comments.

P.S.  I see I forgot to post a 5 Worst list last Friday.  Sorry.