Gratuitous Gun Pic – Mauser Sporter (7x57mm)

Looking over the posts for the past week or so, it occurs to me that there are far too few entries which conform to the original premise of the GGP series, namely, providing pics of guns that we gun-lovers can drool over, for whatever reason.  Allow me to remedy the situation forthwith.

Here’s one being offered by Collectors Firearms:  a pre-WWII Mauser 98K Sporter in one of my favorite calibers, the venerable 7x57mm.

Good grief… this gun rings just about every single one of my rifleman bells:  Mannlicher-style full stock, “butterknife” bolt lever, and  a double set trigger?

The only way this rifle could be more beautiful is if it had breasts.

I know that modern-day shooters look askance at the old-style scope front claw mount (which grips the bell rather than the barrel), but there’s nothing wrong with the concept — having two barrel grips just simplifies the production process and therefore the cost thereof.

Okay, it’s expensive,  because a) rare and b) Collectors.  But like I said about the Colt 1903 pistol, this is not a “first gun”, at least if you wanted to go hunting:  other more modern guns might be a tad better.  But in a pinch, this gun could  be your go-to hunting rifle, and I very much doubt that it would let you down, whether in its operation, accuracy, reliability or chambering.  And for a hunting rifle, that’s pretty much all you can ask for, isn’t it?  The fact that it is more beautiful  than 90% of modern hunting rifles is just a bonus.

Speaking for myself:  if I won the lottery, I’d buy this gun in a heartbeat.

Makes Sense

As the Socialists (you know, politicians, mainstream media, teachers’ unions etc.) are going all “NO MOAR GUNS!”, the people who were actually affected  by the recent gun violence seem to be taking a different approach:

More El Paso residents than ever before crowded into a class over the weekend to become certified to carry a concealed gun in public in Texas after this month’s mass shooting at a Walmart store that killed 22 people.

The vast majority of people at the classes were Hispanic; El Paso is a predominantly Latino city. Police say the accused gunman deliberately attacked Hispanics in the Walmart.

“We actually had two people buy guns here who were actually in the Walmart on the day of the shooting. The other people are just saying, ‘Hey, you know I want to be able to protect myself in the event of something going on’.”

And, of course, most of the guns being bought were handguns — the eeeevil killing machines that were once the named target of an organization known as Handgun Control, Inc. (and now known by a pseudonym, although it’s the same bunch of assholes).

Whatever.  Despite the moanings of the aforementioned gun confiscators, it seems as though a lot of people are not going to be helpless victims anymore — which is exactly as it should be.  (I just wish that little turd had walked into a Wal-Mart where a dozen or so of his would-be victims were already  carrying guns — I suspect that the outcome would have been a whole lot different, in a good way.)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to do a little practice myself.  In the spirit of our buddies in El Paso, I’ll be doing handguns today:  an hour or two of dry-fire drawing practice at home, followed by a couple hundred rounds sent into a target at the DFW Gun Range.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From Charlotte N.C. comes this wonderful news:

Police say a gas station customer was acting in self-defense when he took matters into his own hands Thursday morning, shooting two suspects who tried to rob the store.
Chaotic moments broke out just before 4am at the 7-Eleven in the 4800 block of Brookshire Boulevard.
Police say the two teenage suspects, identified as Qwanterrius Stafford and Brenna Harris, first robbed the customer of his wallet before turning their attention to the store clerk.
“They immediately went straight to him, pointed a gun at him, within inches of his face, very aggressively pointed a gun at him,” Sgt. Brian Scharf with CMPD said.
They had no idea that customer inside had a lawfully concealed gun until he fired shots at both suspects.
Stafford, 16, died inside the store, according to investigators. Harris, 17, got about a mile and a half away on Saratoga Drive before police took him into custody.

[pause to let thunderous applause, jeers and catcalls die down]

Given the names of the would-be property-redistributors, I’m not even bothering to play “guess the race” of the choirboys.

Suffice it to say:

Good Guy 1.5, Goblins 0

You may all go do your Happy Dance now.

Every Time, Dude

You’d think the Gun Grabbers would have learned by now, but nooooo:

Gun sales are surging after the weekend mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, fueled by first-time buyers seeking pistols they can carry with them for protection.

The rest of us are just packing an extra mag or two.

Well, so much for “Moar gun control!”

Me, I’m okay for carry pieces — but I’m still looking for an affordable one of these:

You know, in case I get invited to a BBQ over at the TexGov’s place or something.

And As For These Assholes

I see via PJMedia that Hollywood is about to release a movie about Lefties hunting Deplorables:

Universal Pictures is set to release a thriller called The Hunt on September 27, which features left-wing “elites” hunting Trump supporters for sport.

As fantasy goes, this is about as realistic as Tolkien, but let me not stand in your way, Commies, if you want to be “triggered” into indulging yourselves.

Too bad that we Deplorables know more about this “sport” than you ever will.  But what the heck:  give it your best shot [sic].  Just don’t be surprised at your  body count.

And now it’s time for my third range trip of the week.  I think… AK-47?

Yes, AK-47:

…plus maybe a little sniper rifle exercise later on:


(I need to let my handgun barrels cool down after the last session anyway.)

Unless you Lefties have been practicing to about the same degree, The Hunt  sure is going to be fun… for us.

Giving In To The Commies

Dear President Trump,

“Doing something about guns” according to the wishes of the media would be an even grosser betrayal of your 2016 supporters than not building a wall along the southern border has been.

We all — even the media — know that “doing something” in this regard means, in essence, increasing control over law-abiding gun owners which will do nothing to solve crime of any sort.

I, and most gun owners who voted for you back in 2016, know that your efforts to build a wall were undercut by the Establishment Republicans and Democrats in Congress.  More ineffectual gun control legislation and the concomitant assaults on our Constitutional rights, however, will place at risk not only your chances of reelection in 2020, it will place the electoral success of the Republican senators and House legislators in a similar situation.

We are not fooled, and we will not be fooled, by the current demands to “do something”.  Try to convince us that you won’t be fooled either.

And yes, this is a warning.


Kim du Toit