Hatin’ On The Feds

Wah wah wah the FedGov alphabet agencies, after despising us and treating ordinary citizens like criminals and scum for decades, are suddenly waking up to the fact that we hate them back, and they’re all butt-hurt about it:

Many arms of government are unpopular with large swathes of the American population, and people are not shy about expressing their contempt.
For those of us who want a smaller, much less intrusive government, that should be viewed as a trend to nurture and encourage. And what a trend it is.

Remember a few years back when Martha Stewart was tossed in jail for lying to a federal agent?  They’d tried for years to get her on tax evasion charges, and failed dismally.  So when they couldn’t get her for that, they lied to her about some information they claimed to have, and demanded a statement.  When she couldn’t remember the details and relied on faulty memory, they nailed her for it — and it was all because she was a high-profile target (which they love because it brings attention to their untiring efforts to keep the country safe [eyecross] ).  So the feds can lie to you, about anything, but get one detail wrong and they can bend you over the desk.  That’s why they don’t record interviews — unlike local police forces, which have to — which means that there’s no evidence that they lied or tried otherwise to entrap you.  (Which is why President Trump refused to be interviewed by the Robert Mueller Gestapo, by the way, when those assholes wouldn’t give him written questions to answer — hint:  paper trail.)

And of course, the feds, be they the FBI, IRS or any of the other alphabet soup minions can have it both ways if they don’t  want to prosecute, by asking softball or irrelevant questions of the accused, then just ignoring any which might have been incriminating.  Which is why Hillary “Illegal Private Email Server” Clinton isn’t wearing orange overalls as we speak.

Let’s not even mention  Ruby Ridge or Waco.

So yeah:  put me in the camp of those who don’t trust, believe or support most federal agencies… anymore.

And that’s the important point, here.  For years — decades — after I came over as an immigrant, I always thought that these agencies were on the side of the right, and that justice was their goal in protecting us from criminals.  Silly me, it isn’t.  As the past decade has proved, they’re little different from the criminal enterprises they purport to be saving us from.  When agents start talking about their targets’ families, and how their  job prospects or college careers could be affected by their parents’ culpability, all I’m reminded of is that infamous Cosa Nostra phrase:  “Nice little business you have here.  Pity if something bad were to happen to it.”

Government agencies have been acting increasingly like petty gauleiters  and thugs, and now they wonder why people loathe and distrust them?

Simple Lesson

By now, everyone should be familiar with has-been-Congressman Butt-Boy O’Rourke’s promise to take away our AR-15s and AK-47s at the Socialist Clown Car Debate the other night.

Needless to say, that provoked a response from firebrand Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain, who tweeted “My AR is ready for you Robert Francis” (echoing the sentiments of probably every AR- and AK owner in the Lone Star State).

Whereupon Beta-Boy crawled into a fetal position and whimpered, “Anytime you have somebody threatening to use violence against somebody in this country to resolve a political issue, really for any reason, that’s a matter for law enforcement!” then promptly reported Cain to the Fibbies.


There are two lessons to be drawn from this.  The first lesson is that Commiesymps like Skateboard Jesus are always going to use the KGB cops to do their dirty work for them — whether it’s “investigating a threat” (LOL) or confiscating guns from the populace.  (We already knew that, but the lesson bears repeating.)

The second lesson, though, is for ex-Congressman Fake O’Hispanic and his ilk:

When you threaten gun confiscation — that is, having the police forcibly disarm citizens — then YOU are the ones threatening violence.

And provoking violence, as we all know, often begets violence in return.  At least after all this, nobody can say that the socialists haven’t been warned.

As have we.

Um, No

From the poxy New Republic  (thanks, I’m kinda okay with the old one circa Calvin Coolidge’s time) comes this breathless statement:

It’s debatable whether even the most stringent gun-control measures would prevent mass shootings, and it’s doubtful that those measures would survive the Roberts Court’s scrutiny. But time and time again, these proposals reveal a troubling window into the mindset of the gun-rights activists who oppose them. That, in turn, only makes the case for enacting such measures much stronger. If the main reason you need an AR-15 is to murder civil servants and elected officials, you shouldn’t have it in the first place.

Well no, that’s not quite accurate.  We don’t want to own AR-15s “to murder civil servants and elected officials”, we need them to hold off government agents when they arrive at our door to disarm us — in clear violation of the Constitution (which, lest we forget, said gummint agents swore to uphold as part of their office-taking oath).

And by “hold off” I don’t necessarily mean “kill them” (it’s not murder  if they attack you first, BTW, no matter what un-Constitutional law they hide behind);  “holding off” also means making them a little more fearful of the consequences of their actions, and a little more reluctant to be statist bullies.

The Stalinist- and Nazi police forces could go door to door and disarm law-abiding gun owners in their respective countries without fear of resistance, simply because the KGB / Gestapo knew that people were either fearful, or willing to comply, or both.

That’s not the case in the United States, of course, because while that might be true in many — or even most — cases, there is a considerable proportion of gun owners in this country who will simply say “fuck you” to the government, and either ignore or else actively resist such efforts at universal disarmament of the population.  (And just to reiterate:  “resistance” is not “murder”, dipshit.)

And if that resistance “only makes the case for enacting such measures much stronger”, then I would respectfully suggest that this is similar to the situation where someone teases an otherwise-quiet dog into attacking, then shoots the dog “because it was vicious”.

If there was an active and heartfelt acknowledgment that while mass shootings and killings are admittedly awful, but the isolated incidents did not provide sufficient cause to disarm everybody, then there’d be no snarls of “molon labe”  or “bring body bags”  from the gun-owning population.

But of course, the statist politicians (mostly of the socialist ilk, but regrettably some so-called conservatives alike) are not going to let a good crisis go to waste, and want to use these crises to further their goal of totalitarian control of the general population.

That, Mr. New Republic, is what gets us angry and more likely to make those statements that have you pissing in your yoga pants.

As an adjunct to the above, allow me to suggest that anyone who doesn’t yet own an AR-15 but wants to own one (after the confiscationists’ statements last week), my research on “off-the-peg” ARs last week resulted in this consensus input:  go to Palmetto State Armory and see what takes your fancy.  Mine would be this one:

…or the AR-10, in a non-poodleshooter chambering (albeit more spendy) in the manly .308 Win:


Just in passing, I see that PSA also has a decent-looking AK-47 for sale at what seems to be a reasonable price:


…and for a hundred bucks more, one with a folding stock:

No prizes for guessing what I’d choose, of course, but that’s because I’m already familiar with the AK, even though I lost mine (honest, cross my heart) in that Regrettable Canoeing Accident on the Brazos River lo those many years ago.

Just note that PSA’s stock levels of all their products are, shall we say, depleted — so don’t shilly shally around.

Anyway, let’s just call this addendum a Public Service Announcement (PSA)… [groan]

Another Fucking Nanny

In Britishland, there’s a grocery delivery service called OCADO, and just to set this rant up, here’s a customer’s story:

Ocado, the online supermarket, had a suggestion for me recently. I’d got to the point of paying for my weekly groceries when a suggestion popped up on the website page.
‘Swap the products below and you could save 1,216 calories,’ it promised, suggesting I substitute ordinary coconut milk for a reduced-fat version.
It wasn’t the only ‘handy’ tip. I’d need to run for just over two hours, or walk for more than six hours to burn off the calories I’d be consuming should I stick to my original choice, I was reliably informed.
Of course, Ocado isn’t unique. It’s almost impossible to walk down the high street without seeing something suggesting we’re all too fat and need to eat less. Wetherspoons, Pizza Express, Nandos and Wagamama now display calorie counts on their menus.
In May, the Government announced that this scheme would be extended to smaller local restaurants and popular takeaway joints.

And the word “Government” is what triggered me.

Because I think (and I don’t think I’m being overly suspicious here) that with this kind of fucking intrusive software, it’s only a question of time before the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) incorporates snooping software into your household purchases and as with All Things Government, what starts off as a “guideline” somehow always seems to end up “compulsory”.

We all know that Corporate America is only too ready to lick the hands that enslave others, so if HHS (or the poxy CDC — talk about mission creep) decides, For Our Own Good (of course), that we should be hectored into reducing this or that in our diets;  or that (even better) we should be prevented from buying  doubleplusungood products (e.g. cigarettes, booze or Hostess Twinkies) — why, it would be A Good Thing.

Just not for us.  But Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Shylock Inc. would be glad to oblige the Gummint, lest said Gummint do things with laws that take chunks out of the banks’ bottom line.

I’m not ready for that Big Brother shit, and I suspect I’m not alone in this.

And by the way, when I wrote Prime Target  in 2012, I tried to imagine the most outrageous, far-fetched and outlandish government-run data mining scenario possible.  Less than two years later  it was out of date, and the federal alphabet agencies (along with their lickspittles at Google and FaceBook) were strip-mining the most intimate details of people’s lives for their own advantage.

So here’s a little warning to all of these cocksuckers:  the minute I see this shit starting in my private affairs, I’ll quit using the service altogether, no matter what the inconvenience may be.

I also need to start stockpiling cash and other kinds of currency against the day.  Fuckers.

Dead But Not Forgotten, Alas

Oh fer gawd’s sake.  Here we go with the John McCain Image Rehabilitation Project:

Cindy McCain marked the one-year anniversary of her husband John McCain’s death with a string of rebukes to Donald Trump and his leadership of the Republican Party.
She told ABC News there is no one in the GOP to carry on her husband’s mantle and be a ‘voice of reason’ for the Republican Party.

I have great respect for the fact that she’s McCain’s widow and therefore loyal to his memory.  Unfortunately, my memories of her late husband are not so rosy, e.g. when he had the deciding vote on legislation which would have killed ObamaCare, he voted against it, thus:


I will also never forgive nor forget the many times McCain stabbed Republicans in the back — including especially Bush 43, to whom he had lost in the 2000 primaries — simply so that he could curry favor with the fucking Democrats and the media [lots of overlap].

The hell with him, and  his nonexistent “voice of reason”.  “Spiteful” describes the late senator from Arizona better than any other adjective.  (Feel free to add your  suggested adjectives in Comments.)