Enough Already

You know, there are people in the news who really shouldn’t be, because they’ve made themselves pretty much irrelevant to the world by now.  If they ever made a contribution to society, that’s now over and I can’t see them ever doing anything of worth or value ever again.  They are the grains of beach sand in society’s bathing suit, the stones in society’s shoe, the ticks on society’s skin.  As such, I don’t want to see or read about any of the following ever again:

  • the Royal Ginger and Duchess Caringslut
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Hillary Clinton (unless she’s doing the perp walk in prison orange)
  • Bill Clinton (ditto)
  • any of the Obamas
  • George Clooney (unless he’s releasing a new Oceans movie)
  • Lena Durham
  • the entire Kardashian coven, and their assorted consorts

I will make an exception for impending imprisonment (see the Clintons above) or obituaries — maybe.

All these festering carbuncles have been in a media spotlight for too long (mostly undeservedly), and they need to disappear from it.  Hooked stick, yank off stage, toss in a dumpster somewhere, fade to black, The End.

Feel free to add your personal social irritants to the list.

RFI: New Orleans

I’m thinking of taking New Wife to New Orleans for a couple weekdays sometime after July 4 because a) she’s getting cabin fever and b) she’s never been to Nawlins.

Does anyone have a sitrep about the place, of recent vintage?  I don’t want to go there if Bourbon Street is now a BLM CHAZ, for instance.

I’ll be staying with friends, so it won’t cost me anything other than gas to get there, and I know what to do there because I’ve been there many times before, so I’m not looking for that kind of info.

But if anyone’s been there recently, or lives there, tell me what I need to know, please.

Tole Ya So

Talking about New York City’s Commissar De Blasio’s decision to close down the NYPD’s anti-crime units, I ended with this:

With the disbanding of the anti-crime unit, it’s gonna get worse — much worse.

And lo, just a couple-three days later, we find this:

Reports indicate that shootings in New York City surged last week following the NYPD’s decision to disband its plainclothes anti-crime unit. The New York Post reports the unit was disbanded on Monday, June 15, 2020, and the week ended with “28 [shooting] incidents and 38 victims.”
During the same week in 2019 there were only 12 shootings.
A law enforcement source told the Post, “This is what the politicians wanted — no bail, nobody in Rikers, cops not arresting anyone.”
The source added, “All those things equal people walking around on the street with guns, shooting each other.”

Of course, the Left is going to say that this is because of Trump, or White supremacists or some such bullshit, but I don’t listen to them anymore.

Update:  And right on cue… TA-DA!!!!

News Roundup

Commentary that’s a lot shorter and even less sweet.

I dunno;  maybe it’s because we don’t like being lied to by a bunch of incompetent, power-hungry assholes?  And speaking of which:

I’d like to believe you, Dottore, but I have a policy of not believing anything Italian unless it contains “Ferrari” or “Maserati” in the sentence, and sometimes not even then.

I’m generally not a fan of unions and strikes;  but I can’t help thinking they have a legit grievance, here.

Chinkvirus hates Jews AND Arabs?  But wait:

what:  it’s raaayyyycisss too?  No cure or vaccine needed:  just cancel it!  (No links because bullshit)

and the rest think he’s in the LATE stages of dementia.

just shows how out of touch he is.  Nikes don’t need no shining, fool;  they gets dirty, we jus’ take a brick an’ go get some more.

well, that’s Minnesota fucked, then.  And this just in:

and next, all books will be banned from Minnesota schools because printing is White supremacist — who decided that all paper should be white, anyway? #GutenbergWasANazi

but who was this thug who got all stabby?

no doubt he was feeling left out because BLM and Pantifa were getting all the headlines.

so what you’re saying, Fuckface, is that you and yours will launch a revolution against a legally-elected president?  Challenge accepted.

he’s dead, so he can’t defend himself, so nobody cares about some has-been tart’s ramblings. And for those Readers who don’t know who this washed-up whiner is, here’s what Cassidy saw, back in the day.


Now I’m not saying she asked for it, but I can understand a young man’s hormones going into lift-off.

Pussification Chronicles Part 1

Here we go.  As part of the free service you all get from this blog, here’s a new department.  At various intervals as they occur, I’m going to display examples of Extreme Pussification — whether applied to a person, a country or an institution or a combination of all three doesn’t matter.

Herewith a couple of examples:

We all know that since hooking up with Duchess Caringslut, the Royal Ginger has continued to abase himself — giving up hunting, drinking, eating meat, and many more of those fine activities which help us to differentiate real men from girlymen.  Here’s his latest PC blowjob:

Prince Harry has backed the moves to ban Swing Low, Sweet Chariot from rugby games due to its association with slavery.
He has sung the rugby anthem many times since childhood and he is a fan and patron of the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

Not for much longer, I’ll bet;  unless the RFU also loses their balls and keeps him on.  But here’s the good part.

The song was written by a freed Oklahoma slave named Wallace Willis.

So here we have a song commemorating freedom from slavery, but its very association thereby taints it?  A whole bunch of stupid is contained in this bullshit, and Harry is a spineless, testicle-free fuckwit.

Here’s another example, this time of institutional pussification:

The curator of [the Houses of] Parliament’s art collection said the presentation of their artworks is being ‘reevaluated’, as many statues and paintings have a ‘racist history’ and were bought with wealth from the slave trade.
The Palace of Westminster lobbies, which are open to the public, are lined with artwork featuring 18th and 19th Century politicians, many of whom were connected to the slave trade.
Melissa Hamnett, the head of heritage collections and curator of works of art, said officials are looking at the presentation of the collection in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Just wait till the Italian Government orders the Coliseum torn down because it was built completely by slave labor — and if you think I’m exaggerating…

Ultimately, of course, it is impossible to remove (or the modern word, “de-couple”) Western Civilization from slavery:  all the ancient societies used slavery to one extent or another in the construction of both their buildings and their societies.  Was that a bad thing?  Of course.  But is that an excuse to do all the vile nonsense — pulling down statues, removing works of art, defacing memorials etc. — that we are being “asked” to do by the Bastards Of The Left and their helots in BLM?

That ought to be a rhetorical question, of course, but it’s best not to leave anything unspoken in this modern age of historical ignorance, so “NO!” has to be shouted out, and loudly.

More examples of pussification as they occur.  To echo Insty:  I may need a bigger blog.

Monday Funnies

So it’s Monday… and already the wheels are coming off.

Off with the wheels, and on with the levity.  Today, we’re gonna hate on women:

Here, too:

With skills like that, a career in the NYPD awaits her… oh, wait.

And to prove it, here are a few women who aren’t so bad… at least to look at.