Gammy’s Special Moment

Via Insty (who should know better), we learn that yes, Grandma’s still having sex.

Okay, all my usual admonitions about TMI (Too-Much-fucking-Information) [sic] apply here, but as someone who isn’t (yet) a grandfather but who is well into the demographic, I can’t for the life of me see why this is news, or of any possible interest to anyone. Everyone (except, it seems, for Millennial reporters) knows perfectly well that people can and do have sex well into their dotage, but the only difference, now that the ghastly Baby Boomers are old farts, is that they feel a need to tell everyone they’re doing it, compared to their own grandparents (most of whom must be mercifully deceased by now) who in all likelihood had geriatric sex too, but didn’t broadcast it from the rooftops.

Modesty, people.

All that said, however, I think that this is one of the sweetest pictures ever taken:

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You Ask, We Provide

We’ve had a million complaints (from one or two people) complaining about the inability to edit their comments. I understand completely; maybe you want to reconsider that intemperate “Kim you filthy rotten bastard” comment and change it into “Oh Kim, I want to bear your children!”*

Well, worry no more: Tech Support v.2 has fixed it so that you can now edit your comment up to 30 minutes after posting it.

BobbyK and the future Mrs. BobbyK are registered at Cabela’s; no wait, I mean at

*Sorry, I done been fixed. The ol’ production pole has been turned into a joystick.