I always laugh at the reaction from the general public to people who as children read the fable of “The Ant And The Grasshopper” and took its lesson to heart.

Most  visitors to this back porch, I suspect, keep a reasonable quantity of supplies (food, water, ammo, whatever) handy, especially after the Great Chinkvirus Lockdown and its concomitant emptying of the store shelves by Stupid People who don’t.

What’s worse is that these ignorant assholes persist in excoriating people like us with labels of “selfish”, “hoarders” and worse, even after our recent experienceHere’s one example (I know, it’s formerly-Great Britain, but I know there are people just like that Over Here too):

A MUM-of-two has been slammed as ‘selfish’ after revealing she’s stockpiled enough food to last her and her family until January.
Emma Tarry, 26, appeared on This Morning surrounded by her mountains of groceries, as she revealed her fridge, freezer and cupboards were full of food.
Emma, a mum-of-two from Lancaster, was branded ‘selfish and stupid’ by viewers, as Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield grilled her over her shopping.
The mum revealed she’s hoarded around 400 tins and 700 nappies, and stocked up on essentials like flour to make bread.
She defended her decision, saying: “I think it’s best we go to shops and supermarkets as little as possible. I think stockpiling done properly and don’t go too excessive is ok… if you prepare months in advance or buy it off Amazon.”

Nothing this woman said strikes me as particularly incorrect or, gawd forbid, offensive.  And the quantity of food she’s stored for a family of (at least) three people doesn’t seem that excessive.  (Break it down:  400 tins for six months for three people is just over one tin per day, per person.  She probably needs another 200, just to be on the safe side.)

Emma said one of her children has special needs, and she wants the peace of mind knowing she has access to food and medicine. She said: “If my child needs Calpol… that way at least I’m organised — I just want to make sure myself and my kid is organised.”
And she also pointed out she’s been able to help out family and friends with her food stash, and hasn’t kept it all for herself.

Predictably, the Stupid & Envious Set chimed in:

But viewers were outraged by Emma’s overflowing kitchen, claiming stockpilers like her are the reason behind national shortages.
Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “This makes me so angry, many people can’t afford that much shopping let alone hoard it. I hope this woman has given some to the food bank. We all need to get on with life, hiding away in doors & hoarding is not the answer.”

So because not everyone can afford to do it means that nobody should do it.  Socialism in a nutshell:  make everybody equally miserable.

Another tweeted: “That stupid… stockpiling food is all that’s wrong with this greedy selfish world we live in…”
A third wrote: “Not sure why #ThisMorning have got this girl on today. Worried food is going to be rationed, only putting more fear into others and potentially making the panic buying issue worse! People should have learnt from the last lockdown and stop being so selfish.”
While this person said: “Absolutely ridiculous. She just can’t see that she’s part of the problem. Her actions end up having a knock on effect. How many others are behaving the same as her though? This is why our local shops have no loo roll again now!”

Yeah;  looking after yourself and your infant children is “selfish”.  Someone needs a good ball-kicking, and it ain’t our Emma.

What made me decide to talk about this women, though, is the extra step she’s taken:

Emma previously revealed she’d bought a BB gun to protect her stash, in case anyone tried to steal her mountains of food. She said: “I researched how to legally buy a BB gun or air rifle and bought one from a local gun shop. I’ve previously had shooting lessons on a local gun range, it’s legal and stored correctly and it gives me peace of mind.
“Three weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and heard someone trying to break into my garden shed. “I stayed upstairs and pointed the BB gun out the window and told the man to ‘eat the dirt’.”

Of course, to the rest of us, what she did is not only laudable, but just plain common sense.  (The fact that she’s limited to a damn BB gun instead of a proper 12-gauge… see “formerly-Great Britain”, above.)  And this post is useless with at least one pic:

Clearly, her shooting lessons didn’t include a section on trigger discipline, but under the circumstances, I think we can excuse her.

Well done, Emma.  Ignore those assholes (arseholes) who are carping at your excellent state of preparedness.  And if any of them come sniffing around your house in times of great shortage… all I can say is:  have a goodly supply of BBs, and practice fast reloading.

Not one person at this website thinks you’re selfish, or any of that jive.  You’re prudent and taking care of yourself, not relying on “the government” to do so.  Only in a socialist country could this be a cause for anger.

Indispensable Tip

We see this happening (in Beverly Hills, even):

Trump supporters have been holding weekly rallies in Los Angeles and about 200 of them were gathered in Beverly Gardens Park in Beverly Hills on Saturday.
But a few dozen Black Lives Lives Matter people showed up to “counter protest” and got violent. They came apparently trying to start fights with the Trump supporters.

…which engenders well-meaning advice like this:

A Navy Seal Instructs Americans on How to Deal With a Violent Mob

I read that, and apart from the usual “stay away from where there’s going to be trouble” bromide, I noticed one glaring omission from our SEAL buddy in the event that the SHTF:  if you’re going to shoot a gun from inside your car, remember to put in earplugs first.  (I’m assuming that you have at least thirty seconds warning that Bad Things are about to happen, and I’m also assuming that like me you always carry a couple of those little orange thingies in your pocket.)

I cannot stress this enough:  if you touch off a round (or two, or three) inside a car without at least some hearing protection, you will suffer severe and possibly permanent hearing loss.

If you don’t carry these little things in your pocket when you go out, you should start getting into the habit.

Here endeth the lesson.

2020 Strikes Again

Once again, the Year From Hell is adding to the catalogue of woes:

And I think the Grand Finale will be:

…which, if it blows, will pretty much wave goodbye to Western civilization.  (The Third World is already in Dark Ages-style squalor, so not much change for them  and like cockroaches, they’ll survive.)

There’s only one thing to do, at this point:

Not my actual Cabinet ‘O Scotch*, but it’s pretty close.  So, after I’m done loading up my [number deleted]  AK- and M1 Carbine mags…

Cheers, y’all.

*Upon close inspection, there are only about a couple of those brands that I’ve never tasted, so maybe a pre-Apocalypse run to Ye Olde Liqueure Shoppe is called for…

Not Scary

By now, everybody (and his dog) has seen this pic:

Here’s what strikes me:  that piddly little 9mm carry gun looks like a child’s toy.  (I know, I know:  “You wouldn’t want to be shot with one” yadda yadda yadda.)

How much more threatening if the woman had been carrying something a little more businesslike:

And one last thing, to the frightened hubby:

Dude.  Get your wife some shooting and gun-handling instruction.  Having her stand in the background waving her gun around like a two-year-old doesn’t do anybody anybody any good.  She could have nailed you in the back of the head on about four occasions that I could see, and I wasn’t even looking that hard.

And finally, here’s a 6-minute video link (in the pic) of some girls having fun at the range.

It’s so easy, a child can do it.

Yer welcome.

Dry Wells

And we all thought Obama was the world’s best gun salesman.  We didn’t know about the Chinkvirus:

There have now been an estimated 8.3 million firearms sold in the United States since March—a record-setting pace likely to make 2020 the greatest year for gun sales in American history if the trend continues.
Gun and ammunition retailers are having trouble keeping up with the demand as Americans flood stores.

And a quote from an FFL:

“Pretty much everything is out of stock. We have been doing it since the late ’70s and have never seen literally no supply available. As of last week, at all major distributors you could not get any guns. Everything was literally sold out. Can’t even get hearing protection.”

At my local gun pusher FFL, I’m told there’s at least a two-month wait for a whole bunch of guns — and an indefinite wait for AR-15s.  I often use Bud’s Gun Shop as a dipstick into the state of the firearms business (also to get an idea of prices), and here’s what a cursory look showed me.  If I applied only two search filters (semi-auto  and 5.56mm NATO ), here’s what came up as being in stock (out of 560 items listed):

…in other words, a “California compliant” monstrosity that nobody wants, and an overpriced POS from Colt.  Everything else — Palmetto, IWI, S&W, Ruger, SIG, Daniel Defense, DPMS, Diamondback, you name it — was out of stock.  Even the Ruger Ranch Rifle was MIA.

One of my contacts at a major distributor confirmed that Bud’s and my local guy are the norm, not the exception.

So I went to Option B:  semi-auto rifles in 9mm Parabellum, once again at Bud’s, who typically advertises / carries about a hundred and thirty different models.  Here’s what they had:

All the rest were MIA.  And note that in the above, I said “had”.  When I went back a few hours later to check, even the Beretta Storm was OOS.

And if people are buying everything in sight in 5.56mm and 9mm, that leads to… yup, ammo scarcity.

Windham Taylor, the outreach manager for Ammo.com, one of the largest ammunition dealers in America, said the company experienced the same strains as the gun dealers. Demand for popular self-defense rounds such as 9mm and 223 has kept the store scrambling to find stock to keep their customers supplied.

Now for my Loyal Readers, none of this is either surprising or alarming.  We have (don’t we? ) an adequate sufficiency of both guns and ammo to tide us over — hell, ammo-wise, in some calibers I’m still living with stuff I purchased during the Dubya Administration — which should keep us going through this rough patch.

And speaking of the Dubya Administration, I remember posting back then:  “These are the Good Times for us gunnies;  this is the time to buy guns and ammo, when restrictions are few, supplies are plentiful and prices are sane.”  I recall that many of us heeded that — at least, according to Reader feedback — and I know that I took my own advice, bigly.

The economic lesson is timeless:  don’t buy during times of scarcity;  buy in times of plenty.

If you do have an itch to buy a gun (and don’t we all, all the time?), this might be a good time to look at bolt-action rifles, lever-action cowboy guns and some revolvers. We all know that in a pinch, a lever-action rifle can do sterling duty as a replacement self-defense gun — yeah, it doesn’t have a 200-round magazine — and I for one would not feel undergunned by any means, if that were all I had.

Back to Bud’s, where if we look at just .45 Colt (because neither the guns or ammo are scarce at the moment), we find that there are over 90 options available, e.g.:

…and for a “companion piece” for the above, there are over 150 options in .45 Colt:

Ooooh that’s better.  In fact, you have to get to Page 3 before the guns start running out of stock.  (Gotta say, Kimmy likes the look of this one, oh yes he does):

…but let’s not get sidetracked here.

One more time:  I accept no responsibility for bank accounts emptied, kids’ college funds raided nor relationships wrecked as a result of the above temptations proving too difficult to avoid.

An aside:  I checked on my stocks of AK-47 feed (7.62x39mm) the other day, and discovered that I had only a single can (~600 rounds) left.  EVERYBODY PANIC! until I discovered a couple of cases lying forgotten in some remote part of the garage — and then, by some cosmic coincidence I’m not even going to try to explain, I got a call from the Son&Heir, who wanted to know why he had five cases of 7.62x39mm in his garage when he doesn’t own an AK.  Guess I lost track of them in the move from the old house.  Panic over.

Talking About Gear 2

So I tried on my “neighborhood defense” gear yesterday, and OMG it was heavy.  I took a brief walk over to our apartment complex’s mailbox center (without the AK because I don’t want to frighten the rest of Little Mumbai), and I was puffing and panting when I came back — as much for the weight as for the ambient temperature (Texas Early Summer, i.e. +/- 93F).

Gawdnose what it would be like with a webbing mag carrier etc., as shown in yesterday’s post, and a loaded AK.

I need to rethink this.  Maybe I’ll forgo the AK and use the old M1 Carbine instead:  lighter, the ammo is lighter too, AND it would be slightly more concealable under a dust coat than the AK.

Hey, if it was good enough for our fathers’ generation in WWII Europe against actual Nazis…

My only problem is that I don’t have as much .30 Carbine ammo (hardly any compared to the AK), for starters.  However:

I need to think about this whole thing a little more.