Quote Of The Day

From Clive James:

“I still haven’t forgiven CS Lewis for going on all those long walks with JRR Tolkien and failing to strangle him, thus to save us from hundreds of pages dripping with the wizardly wisdom of Gandalf and from the kind of movie in which Orlando Bloom defiantly flexes his delicate jaw at thousands of computer-generated orcs. In fact it would have been ever better if CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien could have strangled each other, so that we could also have been saved from the Chronicles of Narnia.”

Amen to all that.

Quote Of The Day

From Diogenes:

“It was especially enlightening to later hear a panel of four millennial black women, three of whom graduated from Ivy League schools, the fourth from USC, drone on about inequality and rampant racism in our collective capitalist system, full of white supremacy.”

Read the rest.  It’s about CNN.

Quote Of The Day

Via Insty:

Kelo  comes to mind, and a couple others also dealing with property seizures.  The big one, which if re-litigated now would result in its overturning, would be ObamaCare because the “tax” enforcement has now been annulled.  Not even Roberts could save it.

Quote Of The Day

From the normally mild-mannered Prof. Reynolds:

“Vegans should just be grateful for not being pantsed on sight.  Veganism is stupid and immoral, and mostly a marker for mental illness or deficiency.”

True dat.  He left out a lot of other endearing vegan traits, but the Treacher Man has his back:

“You just can’t please vegans, because if they were capable of happiness, they wouldn’t be vegans.  You can’t cater to them — in this case literally — because their entire philosophy is anti-human.  They’re ashamed of their own existence on this planet, and that shame has turned them into totalitarian wackjobs.”

I think I’ll just have one of New Wife’s beef pies for lunch, because I can.

Quote Of The Day


“I only dump my load into anti-vaxxers, because 8 years of child support is better than 18.”

Now that’s  someone who understands how to put the odds in your favor.

And speaking of toxic loads

Taking these two items in tandem, I haven’t laughed so much since the neighbor lady got her tits caught in the spindryer.

Note:  a fitting way to mark my 2,000th post since starting Splendid Isolation.