Quote Of The Day

“I’ve not drunk instant coffee since 1972. And even then, it was under duress.” — Liz Jones

My date was 1992 — because like Liz, I came from an instant-coffee culture.  And it took emigration to break the ghastly spell.   Now, I can’t even stand the smell  of the swill.


Quote Of The Day

From Lawdog:

“The same people who last week were screeching about the government having concentration camps now want me to give my AR15s to that same government.
“The same people who last month were hyperventilating about the government slaughtering black people now expect me to surrender my guns to that same government.
“The same people who last year were setting stuff on fire and yipping about the government rounding up the gays and Muslims for liquidation now think it’s a good idea for me to just hand over my rifles to that same government.
“You chuckleheads need to make up your damned minds.”

I would have used a more graphic term than “chuckleheads”, but other than that, he’s quite right.

Quote Of The Day

This from Jazz Shaw, talking about the recent spate of attacks on ICE offices:

The thing is, you can’t have it both ways. If you’re going to blame Donald Trump’s rhetoric on immigration for shootings targeting minorities, you can’t simply turn around and ignore this. We have Democratic presidential candidates, “squad” activists, cable news anchors and editorials from major newspapers constantly demonizing ICE, calling for it to be abolished and blaming all manner of human misery on immigration enforcement offices who are simply upholding the law.
How can you observe all of this in context and not blame their rhetoric for the fact that people are shooting up or trying to bomb ICE offices and last night came within inches of murdering someone? The answer is that you can’t, at least if you want to label yourself as an unbiased observer of events.

He’s quite right, of course, albeit woefully naïve.  As Glenn Reynolds so often notes, if the media didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Quote Of The Day

From the inimitable Joe Bob Briggs, trying to explain the LGBTOSTFU phenomenon:

I have a friend who defines herself as trans—actually I should say hirself, not herself, but I’m not exactly sure why—a friend who defines hirself as trans but also lesbian, therefore a biological male who presents as female and dates females and has relationships with females. So a lesbian with a penis, which, if you think about it, is a penis that becomes, in this situation, basically a built-in sex toy—but then again, let’s not go to places known only to the two LGBTQ lovebirds.

If your head is spinning after reading that, then don’t even try to read the rest of his article.  Great Caesar’s bleeding hemorrhoids, the world is getting more fucked up by the day.  (And don’t try to suggest where  the world is getting fucked either, you cisgender heterofascist.)