Quote Of The Day

“The Democrats’ hateful, moronic comments are beyond the pale, and the Democrats know it, but they don’t care because they have nothing to offer the public debate but rage, resentment and quackery. Until other Democrats stand up against this hysteria, they’re admitting to the country their party has no claim to national leadership.” — Republican Tom DeLay (TX), January 2001

Or, as the late and much-missed Acidman put it:

“I could tolerate leftists if they had any coherent ideas for a better way to do things. But they don’t. They cling stubbornly to failed brain-fart dreams that have been attempted over and over again with disastrous results, but they never learn. When better ideas come along, they simply screech and holler at them, then fling feces like the monkeys they are.”


Quote Of The Day

From the Z-man:

“[E]galitarianism inevitably flips the natural order on its head, elevating the bottom over all else.  The ideological enforcers in the human resource department are no different from the ideological enforcers in communism.  These people are not selected for their skill, but their stupidity.  They are too stupid to contemplate what they are doing.  Instead, they puff out their chests and stiffen their backs for having memorized the latest party fads.”

Next time you have any  dealings with some self-important H.R. flunky, feel free to use the parts of the above which are appropriate, because it’s absolutely true.  Totalitarianism doesn’t run on evil, but on the stupidity of its apparatchiks.

Quote Of The Day

From CanuckiFriend Fred Z, in Comments:

“The Government of the USA is the best in the world and it’s so shitty it has to be watched every second of every day and thwacked in the gonads as often as possible.”

The only better government I can think of at the moment doesn’t exist anymore:  Hong Kong’s of the 1950s-60s, where income tax was capped at 5%, zero business or cap gains taxes, there was no welfare, “security net” or mandatory retirement contribution, and the government collected no statistics on its population whatsoever.  Now compare that to what Fred’s talking about.

I think I’ll have another gin with my breakfast.