Quote Of The Day

From a commenter on this post:

“[James] Madison was 25 in 1776;  by the time he was [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s] current age he was drafting the Constitution.”

Compare and contrast Madison’s output with that of Horseface’s Green New Deal.

And people wonder why we old-fashioned conservatives revere bygone times, and their inhabitants…

Quote Of The Day

From Jim Wilson, talking (as we have been doing here for a week or so — and as has this article) about defensive chamberings:

The purpose of a firearm in the hands of a defensive shooter is not to kill an attacker. The purpose of the defensive handgun is to stop an attack and to stop it as soon as is humanly possible. What they seem to not understand is that these small calibers, while perfectly capable of causing death, may cause death hours, sometimes days, after the person has been shot.

And that’s it, right there.  In other words, “stopping power” is the sine qua non of defensive shooting.

Quote Of The Day

From Bearing Arms:

[T]he idea of passing a law that won’t likely be enforced through most of the state strikes me as completely stupid.
Then again, this is gun control we’re talking about, so stupid is a given.

From my experience most police departments in New Mexico (the “African” state, as Doc Russia calls it) don’t bother enforcing a whole bunch of laws, not just this bullshit.

Quote Of The Day

From The Man Known As Sundance:

“Unfortunately, most financial pundits are prone to talking down the strength of the U.S. economy. It’s maddening. They spend all day mining for coal nuggets while currently surrounded by diamonds.”

That’s because they want to be able to say “I TOLD you so!” when the economy slows (as it must, eventually).  Or because they’re NeverTrumpers, Anti-Reaganites or socialists.

But read the whole article.  It’s brilliant.