Quote Of The Day

From Glenn Reynolds:

“Anti-gun groups have lots of money, lots of organization, and lots and lots of media help. What they don’t have is lots of supporters. “

…a.k.a. voters, which is what drives them crazy when they do all their “Ban this! and ban that!” screaming and nothing happens.

Quote Of The Day

From the Knuckledragger:

“One box [of coffee pods] lasts us about 3 weeks give or take a day or two, so once a month I make a run down to Gallatin to buy coffee, pay my credit union bill, then swing by Sumner Gun & Supply to buy a little something just to feel better about myself — targets, Hoppes, shit like that. You know, comfort shopping.”

I think we’ve all been there. Nothing like buying some shooting supplies to make all well with the world.

Quote Of The Day

“The only people afraid of being replaced by sex dolls are those who are already replaceable. They should work on themselves instead of whining.” — SGOTI (some guy on the Internet)

Behold the Kardashian model:

Mind you, if it conforms to the usual Kardashian standard, it’ll be used by Black guys exclusively.


Quote Of The Day

“Political idiocy, growing more violent and malicious every day, may eventually sweep the whole of western culture to the ground with its muddy sleeve.” – Paul Renner, circa 1933.

…and just so we’re all clear on the topic, he’s not talking about conservative politics, either. He was referring to the National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany.